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Meeting Details

  • 11:00 AM Central European Time (UTC +2)
  • 650-903-0800 x92 Conf# 206 (US/INTL)
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back channel

Meeting Notes

  • Feedback on report of new locale review that sethb created?
    • Report was helpful
    • Don't really review searchplugins and region.properties
    • Next step in process:
      • File bug on new repos (done)
      • Add new locales on all locales
      • Do initial landing w/o obsolete (have to wait to do push for system to pick it up)
      • Fix all errors that are fixable. If not fixable, tend to remove the entity so people see that they need to do it again
      • Create tinderbox for each locale (sheriff password needed)
      • Do second landing
      • Close Bug Registration
      • Do bug filing dance
  • Need Pascal to open in-product pages for Firefox 4
    • Need Firefox 4 dashboard
  • Firefox Home support articles
    • Some progress in es-ES, fr
      • es-ES done
      • fr campus reps who might want to do this
    • No zh-CN, but Ragavan might have a lead here
  • Travels
    • Seth to MV
    • Axel to Platform Week
    • Kadir to MV the week of Sept 6.


  • landed gd plural forms on 1.9.2
  • dashboard, patches for ldap auth (needs aravind) and pip (r?), started on milestones-build revamp.
  • ast and gd into beta for 3.6.9, shipped-locales patch landed


  • working on proposed changes to Life module
  • caught up on bugmail, need to follow up a bit here and there
  • updated l10n-src-verification for ast, need to do the same for es-CL and -MX (mercado libre landing)
  • reached out to Dwayne and discussed next steps for en-ZA
    • Dwayne attached a tarball with the localization in bug 449836.



  • Firefox Home status.
  • Performed new locale review on seven locales: ak, br, bs, hy, lg, nso, and son
    • Nice docs from Axel

Talking points: Landing new locales?, Firefox Home l10n on support articles, travels


  • worked on beta 3 release but we are falling back to the firstrun content for the whatsnew page since the feature set for beta 3 has changed
  • Prepared firefox home page and opened bugs last Friday, we have 17 locales bugs open, already 11 localized versions are done
  • major update of google snippets promoting surveys, mozilla store, sync and other minor per locale updates, will go live probably this week
  • worked on helping ast locale being released in 3.6.9, still working on that and filing the same bugs for gd and hy-AM
  • some minor webdev work
  • some personal community building work (hungarian event blog post on the European community blog, helped a songbird localizer do his first mozilla translation, some work on bonjourmozilla.fr, working with a couple QA volunteers getting involved in mozilla...)


  • Switched to new forums last week, will offer localized forums to locale teams not before next year.
  • localization of Firefox Home articles a priority now
  • We will start supporting the Firefox beta with beta 4