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Meeting Details

  • 17:00 AM Central European Time (UTC +2)
  • 650-903-0800 x92 Conf# 206 (US/INTL)
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back channel

Meeting Notes

  1. Upcoming releases
    • Fennec
      • Which repos to use for the upcoming Fennec 2 release?
      • When do we need to tell them where to migrate their work to what repository?
      • We are branching Mozilla 2.0 "not before" September 1st
      • Open Questions
        • Are we doing this a week after branch?
        • If the branch is not ready yet, we go off Mozilla Central?
        • Could be about a "day" of noise after branching including RelEng tasks and L10n dashboard/apps migrated and ready?
        • Is the Android multi-locale going to have the same set of locales as the Maemo one?
    • Weave
      • Are they planning on doing any other releases?
      • Localizers are still requesting repositories and are signing off.
  2. New locale landing
    • Nothing was happening due to the state of the tree this last week
  3. Testing update with Tomcat
    • What is up with the Update addon
    • Potential to create localized QA community
  4. What's the status of Google Snippets?


  • prepped Firefox 4 Beta 4, now with more locales
    • lt and da without updates, RQ was on vacation, working now
    • more locales without new opt-ins
    • added eo, he, id, ja/ja-JP-mac, lv
  • Created nightlies overview, http://l10n.mozilla.org/~axel/nightlies/. too much red
  • no new locales, due to mozilla-central being a total burner

Talking points: upcoming releases, weave? fennec?


On pto today, typing this from my mobile.

  • sick last week
  • updated debeta triage page
  • updated l10n src verification
  • started internationalizing services.mozilla. org

Talking point: source review for en-ZA (Axel, do you have cycles for that this week?)




  • Firefox Home
  • New locale outreach with Pike
  • Met with Tomcat and Matt Evans


  • firefox home website pages done for the 17 locales affected
  • work on whatsnew beta 4, page is ready for localization (content hopefully no longer changes)
  • added multi-video subtitle support to the page + created a l10n/videos/ folder for all locales since we have more and more video
  • ast and gd are ready web-wise for 3.6.9
  • google still hasn't published our snippets updates
  • many pages updates
  • beta 4 promo for 20 locales on mozilla-europe.org working with Laura Forrest to track the promo efficiency in webtrends