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News and Talking Points

  • status of the preparation for the Warsaw work week
  • status of the preparation for the MozCamp
  • Update from chelsea about 2 week marketing campaigns
  • Festival presence
    • Human API for l10n
    • l10n best practices
    • globalize and localize projects for webmaker/thimble
      • Pike, mathjazz
  • [news] merge today/release tomorrow: Maithili de-beta, Acholi in-beta
  • [news] input.mozilla.org localization - take 2
  • Next steps to resolve Bug #787438 Repository creation policy for l10n repos in releases/l10n/mozilla-* https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=787438


   Time and location: Monday, 8 AM PST, conf bridge 206 
   irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back-channel 
   Call-in details: https://wiki.mozilla.org/L10n:Planning#Meeting_Details
   Previous meeting notes: https://wiki.mozilla.org/L10n:Planning
   Attendees: Pike, arky, Jeff, stas, mathjazz, gandalf, milos,chofmann, chelsea

Action Items

put holiday dates here:

pascal aug 20-sept 4 milos? - probably sept 11-20, but still need to confirm. matjaz: sept 14-17 jeff - back to full time on last week in aug


add [done] to items completed last week; remove previous [done] items




  • experimenting with jison/pybyson but rather ruling it out. Pinged Zaach about it
  • still bugs in pyast
  • working with EU Border Guard on MozCamp coming from outside of Shengen


  • [in progress] Review all l10n pages in MDN and correct their page/paragraph/character formats.
  • [was on hold last week due to the one above] Draft "Interpreting dashboards" doc on MDN.
  • Begin session prep for mozcamp.
  • Blog post on upcoming L10n sessions at MozCamp EU.
  • Finalize plans for screencast initiative (L10n:Documentation/Screencasts)
  • Follow up on new l10n icon & est. timeline for creating YouTube channel & Twitter feed.
  • Continued support for ta and bn-BD teams.
  • Work week prep.

  • [done] Follow up on wiki page updates.
  • [done] Discuss "catch-up" dates with ta, bn-BD, and follow up with Arky about vi.
  • [done] Finish edit of L10n on Mercurial tutorial.
  • [in progress] Review all l10n pages in MDN and correct their page/paragraph/character formats.
  • [done] Made travel arrangements for LocWorld in Oct.
  • [done] Joined ReMo!


  • [done] Persona: get strings ready for the new train and communicate with localizers
  • [done] Pontoon: Admin interface
  • [done] Pontoon: bug squashing
  • [done] Elmo: get environment up and running
  • Pontoon: document how to make a website localizable with Pontoon
  • Pontoon: finalize the Admin UX
  • Persona: release the current train
  • Elmo: bug 748781


  • [done] LSV updates
  • [done] Maithili de-beta and Acholi in-beta
  • [done] State of Mozilla planning
  • [done] Affiliates merges / FB app planning
  • [done] input.mozilla.org planning
  • LSV Update
  • FB affiliates app maintainance
  • input.mozilla.org l10n bootstrap


  • [done] Transvision 1.2, second update to the tool
  • [done] Reviewed localization of OneMozilla blog theme source code
  • [done] Newsletter center and forms on mozilla.org in Russian and Indonesian working, waiting for activation of database settings on production
  • [done] Create a contribute branch on github (because webdev team still hasn't done it) and port all the changesets needed to get that branch working
  • [done] started working with new French localizer Sam (from Friedmann) and Guillemette, a new volunteer
  • Work on Transvision 1.3 (I try to have weekly minor releases over the summer and potentially fix regressions the week after instead of big releases)
  • Get apps/partners page on production for Spanish and Portuguese by the end of the week with a workaround for the unisubs problems our webdev can't fix
  • Get the database API settings changes needed for new newsletters fixed so as that I can push Russian and Indonesian live
  • Wednesday is bank holiday in France, I will probably take Thursday and Friday off as I have a lot of PTO to use


  • Two run-throughs of test-master on vidyo with mathjazz. The second one is recorded.
  • Fennec 16
    • Erin to get string freeze for 16 next
    • expose progress towards that in public
  • l10n qa for fennec, follow up actions: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/qa-l10n-meeting
  • Aisle
  • [done] Fennec shipping discussion with Asa, mfinkle, blassey, Karen, chofmann
    • evaluate shipping all-android-locales build with just native and browser strings
      • [done] prototype build up, just 1M larger than plain en-US build
      • loads of technical details TBD
    • new impact by updater rework and new markets
    • needs feedback and confirmation still
    • if this works, we'll need to talk about those locales not on android


  • almost done: refactoring of the l20n.js API
  • plan for this week
    • finish the refactoring of l20n.js
    • finish the documentation for the compiler
    • l20n: draft how the language negotiation should work
    • l20n: examples of testing for truthyness
    • work on the httpd.js module for Gaia l10n testing, which looks for l10n files in different locations than the default
    • review the date formatting library for Gaia