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Meeting Details

  • Time and location: Wednesday, 10.30 AM PST, conf bridge 206
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back-channel

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Previous Action Items

  • tarend to invite for langpacks-on-amo status wrt platform/product/automation
  • pike to guide meeting between l10n and product for at least desktop to figure out the story for Fx 7 around keeping or dropping lagging localizations.


Meeting Notes

  • Notetaker:
  • Attendees:
  • Put your talking points here.

Action Items

  • pike: invitation to discussion about dropping locales
  • wclouser: send an email to .web asking localizers' opinions about turning locales off on AMO
  • pike and stas: talk about engagement projects' workload
  • kadir: organize a meeting among the stakeholders of verbatim


Project updates

Firefox Desktop

  • localization still outstanding
  • need to have a discussion about who drops in terms of l10n coverage; probably for fx8, not fx7
    • pike will bring this up with jonath and tarend

Firefox Mobile

  • same problem as desktop
  • langpacks are still being discussed between pike, tarend and wes


  • New localized Mozilla newsletter subscription block in the footer, 44 locales already have it on production (would be interesting to know the subscription numbers)
  • Worked on the implementation of firefox/fx and firefox/new download pages, the /new page is a simplified design that won A/B testing we did in June/July with Gregory Jost, not on production yet because there is a remaining caching bug (UA is cached) and since the mozilla.org/com merge webedv is waiting on a new testing infrastructure to debug that (bug 682398). Once the bug is fixed, we will publish that, in Q4 the second part will be to update the messaging for the European locales Gregory is in charge of (another round of A/B testing)
  • side note: 63 locales have a plugincheck page on production, Kev Needham is very happy about it and thanks our community



  • no updates


  • the webapp marketplace is coming
  • no good solution to addons localization yet
    • babelzilla is shutting down :(
  • when should we turn locales off on AMO?
    • as AMO gets new strings and updates, more locales become out of date. wil would like to turn them off below some threshold
    • wil will email the .web newsgroup to ask the localizers to weigh in


Other engagement projects



  • stas cleaned up the project list on Verbatim a bit; removed EOL'ed projects

Tools / L20n

  • verbatim
    • needs an owner; kadir/morgamic would like to find a product owner for verbatim; talk to jay and chofmann.
    • meet with the stakeholders during the allhands next week
    • improve the registration process as per Verbatim/PRD#P1_Registration_process