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This tables has to be read together with UX review


Summary Priority References Status Notes
Rebrand application to Add-ons Builder P2 [DONE] as on 1.0a2
Install button / Categories [DONE]
Remove version Picker [DONE]
Make New Add-on more spot on P1 bug 566252 [DONE] part of homepage redesign on 1.0a2
Sown top menu (Documentation, Browser) only when you are inside the main builder interface (Editor). I don't think it's needed - There is the space and it's used for Sign in links as well
Remove featured extension [DONE]
See more at the end of the example Add-ons/Libraries [DONE]
Edit Package Button in Browser. I think this will create confusion: am I editing this actual version? ... [DONE] Solved by adding the [View Source] button and disallowing to edit the Package for users who aren't authors
[Try in browser] rewording [DONE] It's now called [Test]
Allowing visitors to add Icon [INVALID] bad idea
Provide launch spot for developer [DONE] part of homepage redesign on 1.0a2
The rating widget [DONE] switched off until rating will be possible
Display add not installed warning only if it was needed [DONE]
Hover state on the Package's action bar [DONE]
URL for [test] different from [download] [DONE]
Adding wait icon to buttons P2 Pushed to the next iteration
Changing the message after installing an Add-on [AT RISK] System has no information about the details of the addon on install complete event. Function is assigned on the page load. FlightDeck Addon does not provide such info
Loading extension/extension installed [DONE] "installed" is the message received from Addon. Currently 'Addon-builder'
'Add-on {msg}'.substitute(data)

Sign In page

Summary Priority References Status Notes
Wording changes [DONE]
We need the standard actions about forgetting email/password/etc. [INVALID] We don't provide these. However we could link to AMO's pages
Remove New Add-on/Library menu [DONE]
Logins should happen in-vivo. pushed to next iteration


Summary Priority References Status Notes
Editor's menu wording [DONE] Totally reordered anyway
Separating Editor's menu items [DONE]
Multistage Test button pushed to next iteration / [ON TRACK] It may happen we will be able to have it done
Automatic update of the installed addon on save next iteration cool idea
Sluggish bespin FD is using Bespin 0.6.3, because 0.8 is coming and 0.7.x wasn't working straight on, we're waiting for 0.8
Display old messages pushed to next iteration good idea, sometimes it may be hard to get additional info
Tree like Library display [INVALID] Libraries are opened in separate tab
(Add library input) This should be hidden behind a progressive disclosure link. I personally don't think it's confusing. Following this advice will increase the clicks
Library autocomplete. Let's add in the first two lines of the library's description. [AT RISK] This is not supported by the current library we use to display autocomplete. There is a need to extend it. For the moment I've added the author of the Library. I suggest to push that to the next iteration
Why are there close buttons on these library items? We should get rid of them. [INVALID] or I don't understand. We do need a way to remove module/library