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The overall goal of this release is to prepare the application for a broader preview by project participants and Mozilla community members. Key improvements are better integration with the underlying SDK and user experience optimizations/simplifications.


Milestone Expected Actual Notes
Thaw Monday, May 16 Wednesday, April 28 although we started the planning and earnest development in May, some preparatory work began a few weeks earlier
Freeze Tuesday, June 8 (11:59pm PT) Tuesday, June 8 agreed to take tutorial during freeze by end of day Thursday
RC1 Wednesday, June 9  ?
Final Wednesday, June 16 Friday, June 25 During QA, we kept encountering issues that needed to be addressed and which kept pushing back the release date.


Summary Owner Priority References Status Notes
rearchitect package generation to use SDK's preferred directory structure Piotr P1 bug 566263 spec [DONE]
Refactor editor front-end to work with the SDK's preferred directory structure Piotr P1 early design idea [DONE] create new module removed from action bar
create view source page Piotr P1 [DONE]
support unforgeable addon IDs Piotr P1 bug 566264 bug 553020 (blocker bug 569584) bug 569582 [DONE]
redesign home page to focus on common use cases of casual developers Oskar P1 bug 566252 [DONE] Myk sent review to Piotr; most issues are about design, not functionality; some question about priorities for remaining items; Piotr to get list from Oskar
API browser Piotr P1 bug 564825 [DONE] Myk to file bug on documentation home page
improve FlightDeck addon (uninstall on demand, website whitelisting, etc.) Atul P1 bug 552197 bug 566254 bug 566256 bug 566257 bug 566259 [DONE] FD is uninstalling on demand - no bug in FD Addon - it just needs to be called after a small delay
streamline user experience per Aza's design review Piotr UX review 1.0a2-specific plan

Step by step UX Review

step-by-step tutorial for building addon Atul P1 bug 566261 [DONE] Atul working on installing FlightDeck
rebrand application to Add-ons Builder Piotr P2 bug 570167 [DONE] Daniel to ping Sean re: logo
page header/footer that integrates with other Mozilla websites Piotr P2 bug 566262 [DONE]