Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2010-05-04

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  • followups from last week
    • piotr needs docs MD-to-JSON tool from warner
  • 0.3 review
  • 0.4/0.5 planning
  • FlightDeck status
  • tomorrow's community meeting
  • roundtable


  • followups from last week
    • warner sent JS-API-doc tool to piotr, probably eaten by spamfilter
  • 0.3 release process review: how did it go?
    • Myk: driving from freeze to release was easier than 0.2: followed previous script. Complication was last-minute bug (AMO not accepting generated XPIs)
    • it'd be nice to have a complete round-trip test in place
    • dbuc will look into filing bug for test process, cc :tchung
  • 0.4/0.5 planning
    • Electrolysis-based stuff is aimed for 0.5, not 0.4
    • people generally said they know what they need to be working on
    • 0.5/E10S/app-compatibility: some APIs may be unavailable on certain apps because of E10S issues
    • Atul will look at app-compatibility
    • it'd be nice to use jQuery/etc to manipulate pages
    • Tabs could be split into two tasks, dietrich will find somebody to implement the Tabs API. Atul will look at the other part (what exactly?)
    • SimpleStorage can be 0.4, with and (explicit save-to-JSON, not magic detect-changes) . We'll figure out catch-alls later. Might adapt DOM storage (except private-browsing mode gets in the way).
    • 0.4 status
      • cfx tool reference (noelle) needs review and checkin
      • lifecycle API (dietrich): up in the air, depends upon atul's restartless addons, given that it doesn't look too bad. Extension Manager changes got backed out (TS regression), so Atul's work may be blocked.
      • l10n (gandalf): at risk: extended goal to make it useful, depends upon having a web service, still deciding how much web service to build. Testing needs mock XHR? If we have a mock XHR and are ok with not having a real ( server, it can make 0.4
      • page worker (felipe): lots of back-and-forth on the bug, still review+discussion. Probably on track for 0.4
      • Panel (myk): on track, probably
      • Places (marco): probably ready for review by end of week, on track for 0.4
      • Private Browsing (paul): good, finishing docs/test today, should be ready for review shortly
      • Request API (paul): haven't started yet, shouldn't be too hard (based on top of XHR), should be on track
      • Restartless Addons (atul): awesome. initial patch available, needs review (mossop, dietrich, drew).
      • Selection API (eric jung): haven't heard update for a week, unknown
      • Simple Storage (drew): basic form is on track
      • Single UI Element (phase 1) (dietrich): almost ready for first review. On track.
        • drew's guide to module writing is great
      • test harness HTTP server (dietrich): haven't looked at yet. Mock XHR would probably meet most of the short-term needs. Removing from 0.4
      • unforgeable IDs (warner): on track, testing crypto compatibility, plan to land by end of week anyways (and use fallback plan if crypto doesn't work out)
        • how does this interact with flightdeck? probably means you hand the keys to the flightdeck server
        • atul says there exists window.crypto, pages can create certs, dtownsend says "start ssl" uses it. Might be useful, but probably not.
      • SDK search path (warner): no progress, probably not big, still ok for 0.4
  • FlightDeck status
    • daniel, peter, myk talking about what next steps are
    • peter is working on versioning. Users collaborating on code. Myk pushed back, get one-developer case work first, then collaboration.
  • tomorrow's community meeting
    • dbuc PTO, Myk will run meeting unless someone else volunteers
  • Documentation Updates
    • 0.3 docs; in progress but not finished yet, should be done by 5/3.
    • Builder Help interface doc that got sent out last week; looks good as a first pass. I like the idea of having reference inside the application itself.
    • Community Document Submissions; still on my radar, but lost my notes in the laptop crash of 2010. I will pick it back up after 0.3 docs are out.
    • Future of SDK documentation; what may make it better more usable in the future. Notes for that are going into a separate email; touch base next week 5/4.
    • cfx tool upgrades/documentation; adding a page on the sdk documentation for using the cfx tool.
  • roundtable