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It's Nightly feature review day! We'll use the last 15-20 mins of this meeting for that.

Roadmap & Funnel update


Hot items


Goals check in

Mark & Karen

  • [DONE] Create and enable downloadable distributions in Fx33 (GRO, REV)
  • [ON TRACK] Improve on-boarding experience. Minimal projects landing in Fx33. Additional projects landing in Fx34 (GRO)
  • [ON TRACK] Search activity & widget. Feature will be enabled in in pre-release channels. Won't ride trains to release until it's better than MVP. (GRO, REV)
  • [ON TRACK] Explore productization of Janus, a proxy system for data compression and privacy. Deliverable is a go/no-go decision and a product plan (if it's a 'go'). (ECO, REV)


Kev's on PTO, no update



31 Release is looking smooth

Feedback Weekly Report Summary (full report here):


   4535958 Videos Trying to watch videos in full screen on this phone is nearly impossible with Firefox... Not a good experience at all. I have to use dolphin browser to enjoy videos, which is a large part of my browsing. Thanks for asking.
   4533172 Video playback on Facebook. ... spotty, could hardly see it. Had to open it up in Dolhin browser


       4530575 Image resolution is blurry (via google image search).
       4535153 Facebook runs slow and crashes. Also the library website or whenever I have three tabs open at one time it freezes and crashes.
       4533564 Yahoo articles don't load properly and most of the time I can't scroll down to read beyond the first paragraph.
       4530197 Cannot access eBay classic site, defaults to mobile.
       4536952 encountered some crashes in the last visited site
       4535419 Current version of Firefox android app cannot load properly. the browser displays a pop up window concerning a script issue, with options: stop script or continue, also a check box to not ask again. I've checked the box but it continues to pop up. Either way the site fails to fully load.
       4534985 I have a HD Smartphone (Motorola Droid RAZR HD) that has always had very sharp, clear pictures. Many of the pictures are fuzzy and not HD at all. Do I need to make a settings adjustment somewhere? Thanks.


           4533809 How do I go to bookmarks without opening a new tab?
           4531723 The fact that my synced bookmarks aren't sortable by tag is a big problem for me. Bookmark tagging is THE reason I use Firefox. I have many thousands of bookmarks, all organized by tags. This works great in desktop Firefox, but without a tag-based bookmark interface for the mobile version, my bookmarks are very hard to sort through. I can't even tag bookmarks when I add them from the mobile version, which is especially frustrating. Without bookmark tags, there's no reason for me to use Firefox on my phone instead of Chrome.
           4536840 The current method of bookmarking a page into my favorite desktop toolbar bookmarks is not convenient, not intuitive.


           4537148 Sync between devices is slow to update
       Account Creation
           4530659 I tried signin in and kept getting username or password wss incorreqt. After lije the third tine i wad asked to put in master password i did . And went rite backv To password pretty suee i have a visiter that seems to like my phone as must as i dom . So i havent been able to sign back into my account which after gettinga email and i thiought verified as to having. A acc. That i didnt sign out of . But waas signed out. I think the problem oies in your security and ihave a hacker/ stalker. And i DO NOT WANT A PARTNER AT ALL... Please Fix n check ur security n privacy. Because mine is neither.


   FR: Homepage
       4536840 I cannot make my PC favorite desktop bookmarks to be my opening screen of the browser. I want them to open directly without having to go through Desktop Bookmarks > Desktop Toolbar....just as they appear clearly on my PC browser
       4535783 Please please make shortcuts to bookmarks and home page. Thanks
       4531240 Customization is difficult. Particularly setting a homepage or start screen (whatever you call it now)
       4534243 give option for customise homepage or speeddial
   FR: Explicit exit button
       4536896 How do you close a Web page
   URL Bar autocomplete too aggressive
       4535895 i hate that you can't change the auto type in the address bar. If you've been to a Web page that starts with the letter you are about to search with it auto populates
       4530624 The auto suggest in the search bar turns into an auto complete if you type too fast. Example: I begin typing "r" and it will fill in "". If you begin the next input fast enough, I think you beat the highlight text command, so it never overwrites it, so it is now part of the physical text, and you have to delete it again before typing again. This is rather unfortunate if you are trying to google examples of "run on sentences"
   Keyboard double entering letters in URL Bar
       4533291 I really do like Firefox for Android. An issue that has just recently been happening is a duplication of the first letter of a word when I type in the search bar.
   Phone vs Tablet interface confusing
       4537169 Behavior on my phone and on my new tablet is really different, and trips me up a lot. For example, the list of tabs is horizontal instead of vertical, requiring two hands to interact with, instead of just one.
   FR: Forward/Back buttons in url bar not menu
       4534243 one suggestion that give page forward and back button on tabs not on option.
  FR: Quickshare in URL bar
       4536819 I want to be able to long press on Web address in browser and share that page to Facebook or email without having to copy the address then go to n Facebook and paste the link. Former Version of Firefox did exactly as im requesting.


   4532248 Need more extensions. Like downthemall ghostery etc


   FR: More elegant partial page-load behaviour
       4531331 Often, a website can be read while it is loading. It's annoying that when the connection is reset, the nothing is readable. A pop-up would be better I think. Also, why isn't it possible to press the 'try to reload' (or something similar) more than once? Now I have to open options and select the refresh icon, while the big button that says reload is right there.
   FR: Better security certificate handling
       4530932 You need to fix your security certificate acceptance. Every other browser on the planet allows you to trust or not allow a security certificate. Your browser Android specifically, does not even allow the options. There are millions of us using mobile devices to connect to company servers that may not meet security certificate requirements for Firefox for Windows or IOS yet all of those other platforms andbrowsers allow the user to accept or deny a certificate except yours. Most of your other tools are very good but this security issue really sucks. You guys are way behind when it comes to this. Fix it! As for now, I'll delete it and tell everybody else I couldn't use it And that it wasted my time


Arcadio - no update

Partner review

No notes - in-meeting updates from Mark & Karen

Nightly feature review

Is everything in this list assigned and in progress?

Px Status Project DRI Goals * Epic
[PROPOSED] Add support for Restricted Profiles (Prefer: safe) mfinkle ECO bug 1042715
[PROPOSED] Search activity v1 mfinkle GRO, REV bug 1017135
[PROPOSED] Moz Stumbler garvan TBD bug 1032506
[PROPOSED] Share handler overlay bug 948509
[PROPOSED] Form auto-fill improvements, native client-side work bnicholson GRO TBD
[PROPOSED] Reflow on zoom (double tap) by default
[PROPOSED] Kindle-related fixes rnewman bug 956964
[PROPOSED] Hub add-on: speed-dial panel margaret GRO TBD
[PROPOSED] First-run tips ibarlow GRO TBD
[PROPOSED] Preferred web content language rnewman GRO bug 881510
[PROPOSED] Tablets: tabbed browsing refresh v1 lucasr GRO bug 1014156
[PROPOSED] Suggested sites v3 lucasr GRO TBD