MozCampEU2012/SUMO L10n Organization and Tools

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Title of Session (should also be the title of your Wiki page): SUMO L10n Organization and tools

Facilitator: Rosana Ardila

Are you paid or volunteer staff?: staff

Area of Contribution (Team Name): SUMO

How are you currently involved with the community?: Community Manager

Location of Work (where do you reside?): Berlin

Talk Length (please choose between 30, 60, 90, 120 minutes): 60

Summary: This workshop will be split in 2 parts: 1) The first part will aim to introduce a better organization of locales and find new ways of collaboration. The locale leaders an localizers will discuss how we can organize the work better, define other roles, work with the SUMO Reps and what can be done by the English KB team to facilitate their work.

2) The second part aims to define the contributor requirements for the localization tools on SUMO. The tools will be reworked to fit better the new release cycle and we want to listen to the feedback of the users to redesign them.

How your session furthers the MozCamp Goals ( It aims to help provide better Firefox Desktop, B2G and Mobile support ensuring that our help documentation is localized.

Expected Outcome or Deliverable: 1) An organization structure for the L10n SUMO community 2) The requirements and feedback from the SUMO l10n community to pass it on to the development team.

Desired Audience Type or Skill-set: SUMO Locale leaders, localizers, (SUMO) Reps and any Mozillian interested in SUMO

Equipment Needs (Video projector already included): White board

To Be Completed by the Audience-

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  • Coce 10:43, 30 July 2012 (PDT)
  • Ziggy Maes
  • Ibrahima SARR
  • Szabolcs Hubai
  • <put your name here>