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Notices / Schedule

Blocker Report

Browser / Front End

My god, it's full of stars.


  • UI for crashed, out-of-process plugins landing this week bug 538910


  • Tab Matches in Awesomebar landing this week bug 480350
  • Theme bugs filed, already churning, see shorlander's blog post for details
  • Jetpack integration into Firefox is becoming a more concrete and scoped piece of work, see Drew's update.
  • Dolske's starting to size and scope e10s integration points with Firefox UI

See the active projects page for the complete list of active work by the Firefox team, or subscribe to planet firefox to watch the blogs roll by.

GFX Update

  • Cairo update is still ongoing. Merging is turning out to be a little bit of an issue, due to bugs introduced in Cairo and assumptions we made that turned out not to be true. It's worthwhile, though, because it will enable us to use the OpenGL Cairo backend. Track it in bug 542605.
  • Jeff is in the process of re-enabling NEON (ARM SIMD instructions) support, which has been disabled on mozilla-central for some time. This will provide a nice speedup in rendering on devices that support the NEON chipset, i.e., most ARM devices these days. Track it in bug 544697.

Hardware Acceleration Update

  • Direct2D/DirectWrite reviews are still going on, but have been hampered a bit by finding bugs in the existing GDI code. ETA still <1 week. Track it in bug 527707.
  • Core Animation plugin work, required both for HW acceleration of plugins on OS X and for out-of-process plugins on OS X, has been hampered by apparent bugs or deficiencies in OS X. We're escalating it to their developer support channels. Track it in bug 497225.
  • Patches posted to make video render using the layers system in bug 538323. This will allow for accelerated YUV conversion and scaling, initially for full-screen video and eventually for in-browser video.

Layout Update

  • Experimental patches in bug 130078 to unify view manager hierarchies and remove the widget for top-level content documents
    • Works pretty well, but accessibility and zooming are broken
    • roc and tnikkel will be focusing on this; everything depends on it now
    • In bug 532569 there is a patch to enable opt-in integration via a "tranaprent" attribute on iframes
  • Robert Longson landed support for DOM access to SVG CSS properties.
    • Watch out for Web compatibility issues involving "if ("! IE has a filter property with completely different syntax. WebKit and Opera make undetectable to work around this, but we don't.

Content Update

  • WebSockets going through review (smaug)
  • File.uri implementation mostly done (sicking)
  • Starting to work on FormData implementation (sicking)
  • Working through the remaining mochitest failures caused by the HTML5 parser work, and doing some perf optimizations there as well in preparation of turning it on by default (hsivonen)
  • Writing dev doc about new history API (jlebar)
  • Started working out how to catch speculative parsing regression, i.e. running talos, or parts of talos, in a simulated slow high latency network (bnewman)

Platform-specific Support Update


  • work on improving multi-threaded story has begun (see
  • JIT work progressing on schedule
  • TM tree a little broken due to problems with Windows machine


  • Jim Mathies has a patch for one of the worst OOPP bugs, bug 538918, modal loops on Windows, now waiting on review.
  • Jim's also fixed Silverlight rendering, bug 542897, and is now working on windowless Flash (eg Hulu) not being able to go full-screen, bug 539658.
  • Joe has a patch for shared memory tilebrowsing on Fennec in bug 524180.
  • Would like to target a trunk alpha as soon as hangs and instability are "good enough", and then do Lorentz betas. Are any big destabilizations planned for trunk in the next 5-10 days?

Startup Performance




  • DWARF CFI: 3 patches left for Google to review, but they're the big ones.
  • Linux .eh_frame support written and tested! This is everything we need to turn on -fomit-frame-pointer on Linux. End-to-end testing looks good. Need to prep patches for review and submit.
  • Next step: Teach Mac dumper to dump CFI. This is basically just printing what the parser tells us, so no big deal. That should get us -fomit-frame-pointer on Mac.

Tree Management

  • Windows linker crash (bug 543034)
    • No updates for VS2005
    • VS2008 also exhibits problem in js, on 32-bit and 64-bit OSes
    • Error report submitted to MS
    • Ted trying with VS2010 beta
    • Any other ideas?
  • 50 new build machines coming online this week (25 windows32bit, 25 linux32bit) bug 545136
    • 2.4GHz Quad Core w/ 4GB RAM
    • Much faster builds, should improve turnaround time
    • Have to run with -j1 on windows due to bug 524149. Even so, they're still faster.
  • New rev3 talos machines
    • Still monitoring results. Hope to make a go/no-go decision end of the week.
    • Intermittent failures on windows being worked on.


  • Alpha update?
  • Test Days for OOPP update?