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Notices / Schedule

Firefox 3.6.4

  • Had to respin due to bug 534666 not landing on the relbranch, burned "build 2"
  • Firefox 3.6.4 build 3 is built and in testing. Please test it. It will be offered as an automatic update to existing build 1 users this afternoon
  • Firefox 3.6.4 build 3 will be offered as an automatic update to the rest of the 3.6.x beta channel users on Thursday, May 6th
  • Release date is still holding at May 13th

Firefox 3.5.10

Firefox 3.6.5 / 3.5.11

  • Schedule is waiting to be defined until 3.6.4 and 3.5.10 are solid
  • Will send out a preliminary schedule once 3.6.4 and 3.5.10 are done

Blocker Report

Browser / Front End

Two things the team is working on would benefit from your brilliance. (Yes, yours!)

  • Why did the new addons manager hurt OS X 10.5 Ts (and no one else's)? And why did it hurt Ts in this crazy way? And why does it persist if the new addons mgr is totally disabled, but not if the addons mgr is backed out? Help Dave unravel the mystery.
  • bug 560647 - Startup timeline instrumentation. We are producing pretty thorough logs now, and we've identified some costly pieces, but if others want to dig in and see what they can make of the data thus far, please do!

Planet Firefox, yo

GFX Update

Hardware Acceleration Update

  • New patch to make Mac GL acceleration work on a lot of ATI hardware should land soon [Bas and BenWa]
  • Fullscreen video still slower than necessary due to stupid painting of black background. Will fix! [roc]

Layout Update

  • Nothing major to talk about this week. I'm sleeping in. [roc]
  • Landed support SVG/SMIL <animateMotion> element (blogpost). [dholbert]

Content Update

  • HTML5 parser on by default! (hsivonen)

Platform-specific Support Update


GC plans:

JSD plans:

JM plans:

possible JS Intern projects:


OOPJetpack should have support code landing this week. Jetpack SDK 0.4 will not use these features, 0.5 is the first SDK release that will focus on OOP features.

Startup Performance

Binary optimization progress from Taras and Ted:

  • bug 553721 Windows code layout: figured out the assembly+APIs needed to accomplish this in a testcase. Made some progress in integrating this into the build system by imitating blassey's approach in the wince profiling patch.
  • bug 418866 [PGO on linux]: submitted patch for ted's review
  • bug 559964 - Install GCC 4.5 on linux VMs: B&R guys are almost done, awesome progress.
  • bug 561842: [fold all remaining shared libs into libxul]: Ted is making awesome progress. Exciting!



Tree Management

  • Starting to think about other ways to publish build information. Please let catlee know if you have particular things that you want to know about, or particular ways you want to get it. e.g. list of waiting or pending builds, what kind of access to build history?


  • Bing Toolbar team reached out to us to inform us that their toolbar didn't work with Firefox 3.6.4; we think this is bug 559950 which is addressed in build3, but if it isn't, we'll have to figure out what's causing the problem (beltzner)
  • Update on 3.6.4 stability (chofmann)
  • Automation & Tools Demonstrations (ctalbert)
    • (closed) Crash & Valgrind automation demo overview on Thursday, see ctalbert for details
    • (open) Design lunch on Thursday (noon PDT) to demo Splinter vs Reviewboard for Bugzilla Reviews