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Proposed Intern Projects

  • Lazy function parsing, pin parsed scripts in the HTTP cache to reduce latency where possible (the second piece might not be feasible without some major work). Compilation of prefetched scripts might fit in here.
  • Measure whether JSC-like ropes would help us out (bug 555395) and, if that is hopeful, do it
  • Improve/import regexp compiler
  • Create JS microbenchmarking suite and analysis system, and also analyze competing implementation and look for needed improvements
  • Create "real-world" JS benchmark suite, possibly in collaboration with an intern at MSR
  • Revive Narcissus (minimize/eliminate dependence on compilation flags, improve perf)
  • Implement proposed Harmony features, or prototype in Narcissus
  • Work on JS profiling/tracing features: bug 507012 and maybe bug 558200