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Notices / Schedule

  • Firefox 3.6.4 build #4 was built last week and went to existing 3.6.4 beta users on Friday
  • We are releasing Firefox 3.6.4 build #4 to the rest of the beta audience today, though we know it isn't final
  • As per the schedule (, we will build Firefox 3.6.4 build #5 on Thursday
    • Already have 3 or more fixes for build #5
  • Firefox 3.5.10 still has no known issues

Blocker Report

Firefox 3.6.4

Firefox 3.5.10

  • No open blockers

Browser / Front End

Planet Firefox loves you!

  • Prototype version of the inspector landed
  • Blair has a WIP patch up for app tabs (emphasis on the WIP) bug 563730
  • Jetpack 0.4 is preparing to blow your mind
  • Need help with bug 543910 - improve OS theme detection capabilities
  • Need help with drawing in the title bar and Aero Glass, bug 513162

GFX Update

  • We are probably going to be forcing on ClearType on Windows XP. See bug 504698.

Hardware Acceleration Update

  • Produced patches to improve GL-accelerated fullscreen rendering; near-optimal now [roc]
  • D3D9-layers progress [jrmuizel, bas]
  • Some (painful) progress towards getting GL layers working on Linux [mattwoodrow]

Layout Update

  • Video team mostly met Q2 goals
  • patch up for SVG images in CSS/HTML [dholbert]
  • Zooming working with chrome/content integrated rendering (refactored GetOffsetTo) apart from some view issues, and scrolling [tn]
  • landed parts of calc(), but not yet the most interesting parts [dbaron]

Content Update

  • Added a way for consumers to know when windows go away bug 484710 (bz)
  • e10s MessageManager now on mozilla-central (smaug)
  • Lots of progress on HTML5 Forms (mounir)
  • IndexedDB implementation and spec getting lots of attention (sdwilsh, bent, sicking)

Platform-specific Support Update



  • BenWa got plugins running on the main thread in bug 528146. This makes full-screen Flash, QuickTime and Java2 work on OS X, as well as fixing some problems on other platforms!
  • Necko continues to make progress. Progress notifications landed, POSTs coming soon. Basic mochitests appear to work.

Startup Performance

  • No updates


Two bugs make fuzzing difficult on Linux. One is in Breakpad and one is in nsProfileLock.

  • bug 564632 Breakpad's LinuxDumper::ElfFileIdentifierForMapping tries to open sound device and hangs
  • bug 566208 Dying Firefox processes sometimes get stuck [@ free | nsProfileLock::Unlock]


Tree Management

  • Fedora unit tests
    • "hello Zarro perma-oranges!"
    • there are intermittent oranges -- all filed
    • thanks on blog post but special mention to:
      • ehsan - for showing me the way and teaching me how to use the dark force
      • philor - for being my extra pair of eyes and personal support/critics buddy :)
      • dholbert - for fixing his tests and using the Fedora machines rather than expecting me to do the testing
      • zwol and mak - for kicking-ass and constantly fixing bugs
  • post-Fedora-unit-tests
    • disable unit tests on CentOS build machines
    • enable unit tests on project branches
    • run unit tests for try builds on Fedora Rev3 machines
  • Windows Unit tests
    • d2d reftests nearly working in staging
  • New set of minis up and running.
    • We now have a total of 50 each of OSX 10.5, OSX 10.6, Win XP, Win7, Fedora 32bit, Fedora 64bit.
    • 10.5minis all have dongle and resistors installed
    • Win7-64bit coming
  • TryServer transition continues bug 561440
    • 50% of machines being reimaged for new setup
    • "old" TryServer is running with only 50% machines, so be patient!


  • SUMO overview (beltzner)
    • bug 547891 continues to vex users (losing menuBar without good cause)
    • Bing Toolbar seems to now be compatible; aroo?
      • did you know that SUMO did these?
      • do you want to subscribe?
  • Firefox 4 Beta Planning (beltzner)
    • overview of beta program
    • confirmation of beta content
    • getting to a branching plan
    • tracking against milestones
  • FX 4.0 test planning (juanb)
    • Has your major feature landed? Account Manager, GFX acceleration, form manager re-write, tab candy, .... Will it land by beta 1? Will it make 4.0?
    • Fx-team, labs, platform team, please send me an email with that information juanb
    • Will send email after meeting.