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Notices / Schedule

  • Firefox 3.6.4 build #5
    • Can be downloaded here
    • Plan is to release to entire beta audience today once QA gives sign-off
      • Network issues may change this
    • Final release still planned for June 1
  • Firefox 3.5.10
    • Final release still planned for June 1

Blocker Report

  • Firefox 3.6.4
    • No known open blockers, YAY!
      • Thanks bsmedberg, jimm, and others
  • Firefox 3.5.10
    • No known open blockers, YAY!

Browser / Front End

Planet Firefox loves you!

Paper cuts

  • Is there any chance we can do updates on shutdown or in the background for FF4?
  • Nobody's looking at the "rebuild profile" stuff yet, is that correct?


  • Overview: bug 544823
  • Dao and Gavin are the only reviewers available for most of the theme things, which seems risky (not because they're not awesome — because they are! — but there is a lot of work here)
  • Can we start working on the menu as a normal toolbar item for now? Waiting for drawing in titlebar seems unnecessary. bug 556174
  • Markus has posted patches for Mac tab styling and new buttons, any way we can get these reviewed & landed faster? bug 562733

In general: There will be lots of tweaking and polish needed, landing early is important.

  • Anyone available to help Stephen Horlander with in-content CSS implementation? There's a new look to the in-content pages — Stephen is blogging about it this week — and we need people that are somewhat familiar with CSS and the in-content pages to take a look at getting it implemented.

Web Console (ddahl)

  • Firefox Console feature needs platform help "getting the contentWindow or window ID from nsIConsoleMessages" bug 567165
  • and: "create event or method to determine the source contentWindow of loading images and media" bug 568034

GFX Update

  • Windows Vista/7 glass is turned back on! Please test things and file bugs.

Hardware Acceleration Update

  • Direct3D 9 layers backend landed. This means you get full-screen, hardware-accelerated video on older Windows computers, including Windows XP (unlike D2D).

Layout Update

  • WebM unveiled
    • Patches up in bugs for libvpx, libnestegg, nsWebMDecoder
    • Getting reviewed
    • Optimized assembly for VP8 only enabled for Win32/Mac32 currently (need YASM installed on Mac64/Linux builders)
    • Landing depends on working out license details
  • Fullscreen video working very efficiently with GL
  • Next steps for video: WebM bugfixing, 'buffered' TimeRanges, fullscreen API, backport WebM to 3.6?
  • Update on retained layers
    • Working on scrolling performance
    • much faster on "difficult" pages
    • fixes tearing
    • working on optimizing simple scrolling cases for non-accelerated BasicLayers as much as possible, with help from Matt Woodrow on Windows and Karl on Linux
    • Just a couple more known issues before prepping for landing
    • A couple of possible major performance issues/optimization opportunities
      • will see whether we can defer until after landing

Content Update

  • No updates this week.

Platform-specific Support Update


  • not exactly e10s, but please read and comment on XPCOM Startup
  • jetpack + e10s planning a lot this week, specifically finalizing the pagemods API
  • chrome-only necko flipped on in the electrolysis branch by default
  • preparations for running mochitest with OOP tabs, which is the big blocker remaining for merging e10s to mozilla-central, which is planned for the next few weeks
    • this is a preference on the <browser> tag
    • using it with Firefox will completely not work at this time

Startup Performance



Tree Management

  • branching for mozilla-1.9.3 will start after tryserver rollout, be ready for FF4beta1 next month (beltzner)
  • mothballing FF3.0 machines next week bug 554226
  • TryServer switchover status
  • disabling unittest-on-builder for centos5 this week
  • Windows 64 bit builds (armenzg)
    • compile-and-link ok (almost, but crash-on-startup
    • win7x64 builds will be produced this week
    • will make builds available (hidden) for anyone who can help
    • who from engineering can help?
  • need help with osx106 64bit build symbols bug 558947
  • need help on 64bit breakpad bug 567424


  • Possibility of landing an experimental version of SQLite that reduces the number of fsyncs in a safe manner (plus other wins). (sdwilsh)
  • Mozilla 1.9.3 Developer Preview 5 (beltzner)
    • HTML5 Parser
    • WebM
    • who's driving?
    • timeline (juanb)