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These notes are read by people who weren't able to attend the meeting. Please make sure to include links and context so they can be understood.

Notices / Schedule

  • Firefox 3.6.4 build #6
    • Went live to the entire beta audience on Friday, May 28
    • 122,452 ADU for Windows as of 2010-05-31
    • Will not be released as final today (June 1)
    • 2 issues that are being watched (bug 563361 and bug 569104)
  • Firefox 3.5.10
    • Possibly shipped sooner than 3.6.4 if bug 563361 and bug 569104 are blockers and require respins (still thinking about this)
  • Firefox 3.6.5
    • Approvals have been put on hold as we want to keep 3.6.5 small and directed
      • Security bugs will still be approved
    • If you have a bug that needs to get in, email Christian (
  • Mozilla Developer Preview 1.9.3 Alpha 5
    • hopefully this week
    • short list of alpha5 blockers
    • notable features:
      • HTML5 Parser
      • New Add-Ons Manager
      • HTML5 <video> element using WebM format

Blocker Report

  • Firefox 3.6.5
    • 2 issues that are being watched (bug 563361 and bug 569104)
  • Firefox 3.5.10
    • None
  • Gecko 1.9.3
    • Blockers: 234
    • Noms: 41
    • Beta Blockers: 127
    • Final Blockers:105
    • By Team:
      • Layout: 55
      • Content: 66
      • GFX: 20
      • JavaScript: 75
    • Beta Blockers By Team:
      • Layout: 19
      • Content: 46
      • GFX: 8
      • JavaScript: 48
    • Noms By Team:
      • Layout: 11
      • Content: 1
      • GFX: 11
      • Javascript: 4

Browser / Front End

Planet Firefox loves you!

GFX Update

  • Our plan is to force Cleartype on Windows XP for all fonts in content. (See bug 504698.) However, there's some worry about people not wanting this change.

Hardware Acceleration Update

Layout Update

  • WebM ready to land except for review of build system changes in bug 566247, and waiting for Google to sort out licensing (currently not GPL compatible, resolution expected soon)
  • Video 'buffered' attribute progressing nicely

Content Update

  • No updates.

Platform-specific Support Update


Harmony proxies landed on mozilla-central. Going to use the API for this feature to implement wrappers more consistently and remove default multi-threaded access to JS objects. Objects that are to be shared across threads will have to be proxied by the code in

JM value scheme is testing nicely, this week should produce more data.


  • bug 567265 has been filed to track turning on OOPP on Mac OS X in a beta. If you would like to track that too, that is the place for you.

Startup Performance



Tree Management

  • Windows 64-bit
    • optimized and debug nightly builds announced on Friday
    • from the mailing list the press picked it up and started the 64-bit wave
    • developers if you land a fix for Windows 64-bit you can ask releng (esp. the person on build duty) to trigger a build for you since we are only building once a day (instead of twice a day as armenzg mentioned on his post)
    • big picture: Win64 wiki page and blog post.
    • major known issues:
      • bug 569268 - Users need to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x64) to start application (MSVCR100.dll). download
      • bug 536715 - No Flash for 64 bit Windows builds
      • bug 548035 - Breakpad symbol dumping for Windows x64
      • bug 521193 - jemalloc support
    • question from armenzg: "Am I providing for now what devs need to do win64 work?"
      • I have to continue installing tools on the machine so we can clone more slaves of it and upstream this to production standards.
    • Talos work might be started before end of June
    • I will try to have unit tests running every night as well
  • Unit tests for Linux
    • We did not disable unit tests on CentOS for mozilla-central since for mozilla-central releases we have not yet changed it to run unit tests on Fedora bug 568655 and we should not have mismatched unit test coverage.
    • We enabled Fedora unit tests for tracemonkey and 1.9.2 but the pending jobs took off and we had to back out (bug 568655). The load was fine but the connections with the master and the slaves were the problem. bug 560957 has landed and should fix partially the problem. We are going to wait for some more of the improvements that catlee is doing on the talos buildbot world before trying to enable this.
  • TryServer changeover last week
  • Powering off Firefox 3.0 machines soon bug 554226


  • From support: An issue we saw a few times: Firefox is really slow loading pages. I came across this hint today: See if Firefox is "allowed" in windows firewall settings. I'm not sure why this would help but may be worth looking into. bug 569392
    • Christian's been working with Manmeet from MS for the past month to figure out what (if anything) we need to do for Windows AV and Firewall. Latest from them: "I'm trying to get more detail on the exact process & the right contacts at the MS Protection team and will get back to you with detailed instructions."
  • We are three weeks away from the last week of June. How are we doing with Beta 1 in terms of scheduling? Will we have another alpha (devpreview) in addition to alpha5? (juanb)
    • There is a beta schedule on the wiki page with the latest information
    • We'll be doing a 5th developer preview sometime later this week
  • Moving branches to new buildbot infra (catlee)
    • why not try the 1.9.3 branch? (beltzner)
    • perhaps electrolysis? (johnath)
  • video started to suck for a bit, seemed to be a MV only issue