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Notices / Schedule

Firefox 4 Beta 7

  • GC Compartments is on TraceMonkey, coming soon to mozilla-central and b7 relbranch, will require bake time
  • new progress indicator landed yesterday (see bug 602964)
  • update issues for Windows users were resolved today (see bug 602275)

Firefox 3.6.11

  • Rebuilding now for a regression bug 601440 caused by a fix for a TB topcrash
  • Date will be slipping to next Tuesday, a week from today

Firefox 3.5.14

  • No rebuild needed, will ship next Tuesday with 3.6.11

Blocker Report

A handy list of Firefox 4 triage queries is available:

Firefox Development

(from our goals):


  • [ON TRACK] API-Complete Jetpack
    • Joint with Jetpack team
    • Currently working towards feature-complete beta SDK
  • [ON TRACK] Stand up basic Firefox with Electrolysis

Developer Tools

  • [NEW] Ensure that Firefox 4 ships with a compatible version of Firebug
  • [NEW] Publish a roadmap for integrated developer tools in Firefox, including console, inspection, and js debugging
  • [NEW] Develop long term plan for Skywriter maintenance/support


  • As we wrap up the feature freeze with beta 7, we're creating a dashboard queries to coordinate our efforts for the remainder of the release. At a high level:
    • Review queues are getting clogged, lots of people with 12+ review requests with JST the winner at 44, roc at 21, ted at 22, peterv at 16, etc. Please go through your review queues and knock out all the blocker reviews ASAP.
    • Next we have a ton of blockers without owners. I'll be sending around queries so it's easy for people to find them, but component leads shouldn't wait.
    • Next after freeze, we have a spectacular list of crashes that we should grind through. Sheila Mooney is helping to pull together the next attack on crashes. See details here.
  • Goals: Real list found here. Quick overview:
    • [ON TRACK] Finish Firefox 4 blockers.
    • [ON TRACK] Support Firefox Team to stand up a browser on Electrolysis.



  • OTS font sanitizer integrated! (Q4 goal...)
  • Blockers blockers blockers
    • 1 beta8 blocker
    • 39 betaN blockers
    • 141 blockers total
    • 14 requests need triage


Tree Management

  • power outage in colo yesterday bug 603452
  • IT downtime closing 650castro this weekend for network upgrades on Sunday
    • will close mobile test tree
    • will *not* block any desktop build/tests or mobile builds
      • per discussion with stuart, will close tree for this anyway.
  • Moving build machines into Build-VPN, possibly tomorrow? bug 602741


  • What happens if you need to change APIs or strings now? [beltzner]
  • Thank you Clint for adding support for --loop to! bug 603517 [jst]
  • Please have your teams complete their security reviews