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Notices / Schedule

Firefox 4

  • Today is the day to decide beta 11 (and thus beta 12) plans

Firefox 3.6.14 and 3.5.17

  • In beta, still plan to ship on the 8th unless something comes up(on schedule)

Firefox 3.6.15 and 3.5.18

  • Draft schedule coming this week

Blocker Report

Firefox 4 Beta

Blocker report for Firefox 4.0.betaN (as of 2011-02-01 10:37:33.617400-08:00)


                blocking: 1703

                   fixed: 1589

           open blockers: 114
                   has patch:  73
                    no patch:  41

       open hardblockers:  33
                   has patch:  28
                    no patch:   5

       open softblockers:  64
                   has patch:  35
                    no patch:  29

  uncategorized blockers:  17
                   has patch:  10
                    no patch:   7

Outstanding Review Requests

              5 +++++
            4 ++++
                  3 +++
            2 ++
                2 ++
                2 ++
          2 ++
                  2 ++
               2 ++

Firefox Development



  • 8 hardblockers
  • 1 betaN blocker:
    • bug 629016 - blocked on test slave upgrade to 10.6.6.
  • We still need help from people who can reproduce bug 603793, menu disappears on submenu mouse over.
    • If your menus disappear on Windows, please contact



  • bug 626602 (fixing transparent windowless plugin rendering by copying backgrounds)
    • We have working code
    • Patches going up for review
    • We also have a plugin rendering performance benchmark based on "GUIMark3". It quantifies the perf hit for not taking bug 626602 (massive), and is helping us optimize.


  • 14 hardblockers left, all but 3 actual bugs are plugin issues

Tree Management

  • Need downtime for
    • [hardblocker] OSX 10.6.6 upgrade on test machines (~2hr, all branches) bug 629509
    • ftp partition re-org (~5h, all branches) bug 614786
    • Try server reset (~5h, just try) bug 629268
    • graph server changes (??, all branches) bug 623386
  • proposing Thursday morning, early morning Pacific 6am-8am PST for some or all of the above

Stability Report

  • Beta10 - Top crasher Bug 628152 was under the radar in early Beta10 testing, then exploded. Fixed for Beta11.
  • Trunk - Some stability issues mostly due to Bug 629912. Now fixed. A couple of other regressions due to additional accessibility fixes.
  • Missing symbols for some crash signatures - A problem introduced when we moved the Sicorro data center to Phoenix. The solution for getting the build symbols to Phoenix is not performing (taking 15 hrs). Many signatures like xul.dll@0x189e71 scattered in crash reports. No visibility into what the crashes are - risks there.
  • Although we are doing well stability-wise for FF4, we are tracking all the crash signatures that are new to FF4 and not in 3.6.13 and their status. We have already determined we cannot fix some of these but still worth keeping on the radar since we don't know what will happen when we release. We may need to provide some emergency fix for something.


  • We'll be going through the beta blockers right after this meeting. Also, triage will happen, too. Stick around and talk about your beta blockers.
  • Should we take bug 355178 on beta 11? (ehsan)
    • An analysis of the risks and benefits is available here.
    • We need this for beta 11 if we decide to take it for 2.0.
  • When to tag Beta 11 (clegnitto)