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Notices / Schedule

Moving to a model where the agenda is set at the beginning of the meeting. After a few weeks of getting used to this, we'll move to a model where no items are added after the beginning of the meeting.

Firefox Development

  • Felipe working with cjones on e10s + CPOW planning, should be a dev planning post soon
  • Scratchpad support close
  • URL highlighting just landed on trunk - file bugs! bug 451833




JSD work moving forward. JimB and JOrendorff working on the JS Engine side, Dave Camp working on the client side.

Work continues on Type Inference integration (BHackett, PBiggar)

More progress on GC performance (BillM, GregorW, Igor)


  • CSS animations behavior change landed on Aurora, so CSS animations still on track for FF5
  • Nothing else to report


See with questions.



Much new detailed documentation here:

Tree Management

  • Moving "mozilla-aurora", "mozilla-beta". bug 652229
    • symlinks in place, so people didnt notice move last week. Removing symlink this week
    • if you are doing work in mozilla-aurora, mozilla-beta, you need to reclone or update your .hg/hgrc file.
  • Plan for localized beta builds (joduinn, Axel)(etherpad):
    • Changes to the l10n dashboard required. bug 650816 (Axel)
    • aurora -> beta push will follow the en-US strategy with a trivial triage of differences, aurora always wins. As such, pull aurora, close possibly dangling old beta head.
    • for fx5, plan is to just throw the current l10n beta repos away and take a fresh start of l10n aurora
    • or, automate. hg extension to pull and close head is in bug 654335

Stability Report


  • Crash rate has been pretty stable on the trunk - 41K users with 2.27 crashes per 100 ADU.
  • A couple of top crashes fixed (or will be soon)- still waiting for people to update their build
  • New regressions
  • Some older bugs that have moved up the stack. Maybe not enough users? Maybe something checked in that causes an uptick in the signature?


  • Simply not enough users to get good stability data yet.
  • Main top crashes are being tracked an worked on.


Channel Report

A new blog to track all of the various discussions around the rapid release process:

This blog is going to be fairly detailed and low-level, to facilitate communication within the Mozilla project.


  • Most of the logistical bumps worked out.
  • Main issue on Aurora is increasing the user base so we can get better data on stability, bugs, features.
  • Triage is ongoing to approve patches and nominate tracking bugs.
  • Meeting Tues/Thurs @2:00pm and Wed @ 11:30am (triage only).


  • First beta meeting was yesterday - Mon @2:00pm PDT.
  • Working on getting 5.0b1 out the door
  • A few blocking issues that need resolution
    • Bug 654343 - Not getting offered Billboard graphic in update from 3.7a5
    • Bug 654306 - [Mac] Major Update Billboard not offered from 3.7a5 thru 4.0b6 Universal builds.
    • TestPilot Addon compatibility bug 652193 bug 645858 bug 603009 (should be ready today).
    • Bug 649432 - Making the 5.0b1 report query work for Socorro (should be done tomrrow).
    • Marketing: We need to have some QA done on the blog post we are linking to on the first run page (should be done today)
  • Planning for 5.0b2 ie: l10n issues, logistics.