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Last updated: 2016/03/03


Features Status

Feature QA Owner Tracking Bug Documentation/Test Plan Feature Health Nightly Feature Health Aurora Feature Health Beta
Add support to send SMS & MMS Flaviu Cos bug 1209133 Testplan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK]
Set a home page Teodora Vermesan bug 1195721 Testplan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK]
Guide and encourage user to start browsing after the onboarding tour is over Ioana Chiorean bug 1215739
Fullscreen tabs tray Teodora Vermesan bug 1161638 Testplan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK]
Web-based Firefox Accounts implementation Cata Suciu /Mihai Ninu bug 1161223 Testplan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK]
Remove Firefox Marketplace bookmark and default Top Sites thumbnail Flaviu Cos bug 1208409 ; bug 1208410 Testplan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK]
Remember search query in URL bar Ninu Mihai bug 1204958 Testplan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK]
Better handling of app hand-offs when in Private Browsing Mihai Pop bug 1173147 Testplan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK]
Recall and display search history Mihai Ninu bug 1189719, bug 1102924 Testplan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK]
Enable (cloud) printing Mihai Pop bug 1078432 Testplan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK]



Release Candidate


Meeting Purpose When
Crashkill Discuss urgent concerns with stability (ie. crashes) Every Monday at 10:00 AM Pacific
Product Planning Discuss concerns about feature development and/or schedule Every Tuesday at 9:00 AM Pacific
Release Coordination Raise issues of utmost importance to the Release Managers Every Tuesday & Thursday at 10:00 AM Pacific
Development Discuss concerns with development Every Wednesday at 9:30 AM Pacific
Mobile Triage Nominate bugs to get developer attention Every Thursday at 10:00 AM Pacific
Quality Engineering Discuss concerns with the Support and Project teams Every Thursday at 1:30 PM Pacific