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Read Me First!

  • If you are an advanced user, download the latest Shiretoko nightly, create a new profile, and check out an area from the guide below.
  • If you're not an advanced user but you just can't wait: Download the Firefox 3.5b4
    • If you are like most in Moco, you have a Mac, so create a temporary folder on your desktop, and name it something like: beta99test
    • Open your Terminal application. At the prompt type:
    • ./Desktop/beta99test/ -P -no-remote
    • Create a new profile. Give it a name such as "preview", and start the browser.
    • After it starts. Check for updates. You should be offered the new Preview version. Go through the installation and run with it!!! (Contact juanb on irc, or x262 if you have questions, or if you are using Windows XP/Vista:) )
  • What are we doing?
    1. Run a quick testsuite of daily browsed sites
    2. Next, sign up to test new Fx3.5 Features under the "Testers" list
      • Try to make a concerted effort to sign up for something you're not comfortable with
      • Example: "aakashd" signed up for Tab testing is shown here
      • Signing up for a feature is just to show which features are getting a lot of attention and which ones aren't
      • People are free to "sign up" for more than one feature if they like
      • The onus is on learning new features for those that haven't tried them out as well as using these features together to find deeper critical/blocker bugs
    3. To do some additional testing, take a look at: Addtl. Resource Testing
  • For any bugs found, add "[MoCoTestday]" to their whiteboard
    • If you're unsure it's a bug, go to the #testday channel (check out Communication for more info)

Supplementary Information

When and Where?

  • Date: Thursday, June 11
  • Time: 7 AM - 5 PM PDT
  • Location: on the #testday channel (via and/or in-house @ Mountain View


  • For general questions: irc: #testday channel
    • primary contacts: timr, tchung, juanb, aakashd
  • When testing on Fx3.5 features, go to their corresponding

Reference Guides


Daily Browsing Testing

Fx3.5 Feature Testing

Addtl. Resource Testing

  • Test banking sites via the Website Testing Project to log all results
    • DISCLAIMER: it requires another login for the time being, so please register in order to make result reports!
    • Contacts: whimboo
    • Sign Up Here:
      • jdicarlo (Done)

Results Summary