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Firefox 10: Desktop

Feature Owner Test Plan Status
[desktop] Add-on hotfix Vlad Ghetiu (:vladg) Test Plan SHIPPED
[desktop] Silent Update: Add-ons Default to Compatible Virgil Dicu (:VirgilDicu) Test Plan SHIPPED
[devtools] Style Inspector Florin Strugariu (:bebe) Test Plan SHIPPED
[devtools] Highlighter Teodosia Pop (:teodosia) Test Plan SHIPPED
[devtools] Code Editor Alex lakatos (:AlexLaktos) Test Plan SHIPPED
[devtools] Console Object Completion Vlad Maniac (:vladmaniac) Test Plan SHIPPED
[devtools] CSS Rules View SHIPPED
[platform] Test Suite Fixes for WebGL SHIPPED
[platform] DOM Bindings: Node List and Array Bindings SHIPPED
[platform] Anti-Aliasing for WebGL Need owner SHIPPED
[platform] Full Screen APIs Paul Silaghi (:PaulS) Test Plan SHIPPED
[platform] CSS3 3D Transforms Ioana Budnar (:Ioana) Test Plan SHIPPED

Firefox 10: Mobile

Feature Owner Test Plan Status
[mobile] Touch Events part 2: Multitouch Camelia Urian (:Cami) SHIPPED
[mobile] Anti-malware/phishing - front-end Martijn Wargers SHIPPED
[mobile] Safebrowsing Back-end Cata Suciu (:CataSuciu) SHIPPED
[mobile] Accelerated layers on mobile via OpenGL ES Andreea Pod (:AndreeaPod) SHIPPED