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Full Screen APIs

Feature Status Lead Engineer QA Lead Status
Full Screen APIs Landed in Firefox 10 Chris Pearce Paul Silaghi Complete


  • This feature enables developers to make an arbitrary HTML element "full-screen", hiding the browser's UI and stretching the element to encompass the entire screen
  • Useful for HTML5 video and games.
  • This feature is available starting Firefox 10


  • Design and infrastructure:
    • Bug 545812 - API for controlling fullscreen from content

Use Cases to Test

Basic Functional Testing
  • Open the demo page and check if HTML elements can go in full screen mode.
Edge Cases
  • Also, the elements should run without problems in full screen mode if:
    • Multiple tabs are loaded
    • Multiple browser windows are available
    • Heavy user profile is loaded (large history, multiple bookmarks, user settings, tabs, add-ons)
    • Private browsing is on
    • Firefox is already in fullscreen mode
  • Panorama mode should work properly if HTML elements are in fullscren mode

Test Cases

  • A list of test cases for this feature can be found here: Test Cases

Important bugs

  • Bug 545812 - API for controlling fullscreen from content
  • Bug 684625 - Display a warning when DOM full-screen mode entered or restricted key pressed
  • Bug 685402 - Change tab/navigate should exit DOM full-screen mode
  • Bug 691583 - Dispatch event when restricted key input occurs in DOM full-screen mode
  • Bug 684628 - Transition effect when moving to DOM full-screen mode
  • Bug 708174 - Transition into fullscreen mode is yucky