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QA Staff Meeting Notes Feb 16, 2011

New Hires

  • Welcome Kevin Brosnan

Project Status

  • Overview (2 min brief update)

Desktop Firefox (Juan)

  • Fx4b12: Code freeze ETA, end of the week (?), changing on a daily basis.
    • A follow-up beta?: Unknown. Goal is not to have another beta after 12.
  • See discussion items at the bottom.

Maintenance and Security (Al)

  • Continuing holding pattern on 3.6.14
    • It looks like we will not be rebuilding because the crashing issue we've seen is not new and is caused by Frankenbuilds.
    • The other option will be a build 3 of 3.6.14 with backed out changes.
    • The third option is a build from the 3.6.13 release branch with one bug (Adobe's current zero day).
  • 3.5.17 gated on what is going on with 3.6.14. It is ready to ship.

We're under pressure to figure this out in the next 24 hours so expect updates if you work on the release.

Browser Technologies (Tony)

  • Sync (tracy)
    • Account Portal in QA
      • First pass discovered bug in Change Password. bug 634418 - The ldappool needs to be purged on credentials changes
    • Python server has been deprioritized for second production server location build out. Will test when they return to it.
  • Test Pilot (tracy)
    • First pass at new notification didn't go so well; undesirable variation in display/layout. TP team is going to stay with original system for Fx4 Feedback and use Fx door hanger notification for future versions of the extension.
  • Jetpack (ayan)
    • Flightdeck 1.0a8 release last week.
    • Jetpack SDK 1.0b3 code freeze today.
    • Selenium scripts to go up on github this week.
  • Firefox Home (tony)
    • Firefox Home 1.1.1 has been signed off and submitted to App store
    • Firefox Home 2 is in prototype mode. This will be a web app:

WebQA (Stephen)






WebQA Automation


  • Still in rewrite


  • Pushed last night, staging flaky today but webdev looking into that


  • Disabled a number of tests till staging has data

QA Services (Marcia)

  • Meetups/Events
    • Dare2BDigital Conference held on Saturday. Raymond worked the booth along with Lukas, Rainer and Jinghua
    • Thinking about having a Live Testing Meetup in Mt. View when we get closer to RC
  • Crash Investigation
    • Tomcat - Crash Investigation for Beta 11/12pre in Progress - also we are moving crashkill meetings now to a earlier time on monday
    • See for the most current stability report.
    • Robert Kaiser (Seamonkey developer) will be joining us on contract to help create and update a roadmap for improving the crash reporting system.
  • Community Planning
    • Tomcat - working with Greg Joost from Engagement on CeBIT Stuff - lots of calls and planning ongoing.
  • Video Work
    • Rainer is very busy with FF 4 video work so there has not been much work in this area since the last staff meeting.
  • Tomcat
    • see above :)

  • Accessibility:
    • FX4:
      • Investigating lingering crash bug 629912 and I'm testing a fix. I can't repro the crash myself, but the fix is important to test even outside the immediate crash STR.
      • Hunting reliable STR for bug 633899, focus getting trapped when page or Add-Ons Manager load. I could reliably repro this in Sunday's nightly build, but since the Monday build this bug has been illuding me and others.
      • Other than that we're in good shape for FX4!
    • FX 3.6.15:
      • One crash fix landed that was primarily exposed by some deeply nested Thunderbird dialog.
  • TCM
    • Released out ".1" and the results can be seen on Carl's dev site
    • Features include: run tests pane, registration & login, testcase creation
    • Next stop: management interface in .2
    • To keep track of what we're doing, take a look at the release wiki's
  • ashughes
    • Bug/Testdays:
      • [draft] one-stop-shop for bug/testdays -- please use if planning a testing event and send me feedback
    • Newcomer forum:
      • well received by team -- will go ahead with implementation if there are no objections by end-of-week
      • stepping into role as 2nd to help Al
    • Upcoming test events being planned:
      • Add-ons Manager Testday: Feb 25th - henrik
      • Firefox 4 UNCO Bugday - Mar 4th - marcia

Test Automation (Henrik)

  • General
    • Still waiting for the shadow server which will replicate the test cases from our litmus data repository on
    • We are planning to order one more MacPro or Mac Server for release testing
    • Henrik hold a talk about Mozmill Crowd at FOSDEM 2011
    • Finally Mozmill got more exposure by devs in the last days, especially for its restart feature.
  • Mozmill
    • Last fix for Mozmill 1.5.2 will be checked-in soon. We will have another short RC4 before the final release
    • There will be no more 1.5.x release - all focus has now put onto Mozmill 2.0
  • Project updates
    • On Demand Updates
      • Henrik's staging script is finished to the point of being able to streamline downloads. It's attached on bug 628659
      • First version of streamlined execution script up on github
      • Will be testing all this out this week and should be able to put it in place for actual testing presently.
    • Endurance Tests
      • Landed initial tests and shared module on default
    • Panorama
      • 2 tests landed today - let's see if they play nice with QA-Horus tomorrow
    • Shared Module Refactoring
      • Worked out how to do generated documentation with jsdoc-toolkit -- huge win because we can maintain docs inside the code.
      • Digging in on Sprint 2
      • Are starting to flesh out UI libraries by porting tests, as well as building initial versions of assertion and synchronization libraries.

Discussion Items

  • End-game Ideas: Feature owner sing-off, web compatibility testing roll-up, add-ons compatibility roll-up, MU sig-off, etc... (juanb)
  • Testday planning (juanb)
  • Scrumpads as status reports (matt)
  • Planning for (matt)

Takeaways and Action Items

Item Owner Due Done?


New Hires

  • Hello to Kevin Brosnan - contract till August from Rhode Island. Will be onsite in 2 weeks.
    • Mobile QA team, triage work, testcases, feature work, etc.
  • Desktop Firefox: Read the Wiki
  • Maint Security: spike in crashes. ends up they were frankenbuilds. May not be a regression, and not that bad.
    • Adobe freaking out because they had a zero day.
    • Fixed in 3.5 and 3.6
    • either back out fix or re-release with the adobe fix
    • A lot of pressure from Adobe
  • Browser Technologies: details in wiki
  • WebQA: read the wiki
    • Project board out by dancing baby showing projects between engagement, webdev and webqa
  • QA Services: read the wiki. Marcia out sick.
  • TCM: should be ready for importing data and usage in 3 months or so
  • Anthony:
    • working on tool to organize and run testdays.
      • In future, please use Anthony's documentation for setting those up. He needs feedback on it to improve it.
      • Next test day:
        • Addons: Feb 25th,
      • Next Bugday
        • FF4 Unconfirmed bug testing for following Friday
      • Tony wants a Fennec bugday to swap with the Addons testday
    • Proposed a Forum for newcomers to QMO testing
      • Martijn: wants to be sure that questions don't go unanswered. We need to be sure to have moderators
      • Matt: we need a design brainstorm for how to approach it.
    • Al is taking over QMO from Aakash
    • Henrik: read the wiki
    • Project update (Geo): we now auto-generate documentation

Discussion items:

  • End-game Ideas: Feature owner sing-off, web compatibility testing roll-up, add-ons compatibility roll-up, MU sig-off, etc... (juanb)
    • please email ideas for these to Juan
    • Tony asked Juan to put ideas up that he already has.
    • Release notes done by Christian
  • Testday planning (juanb)
    • Stephen: david burns looking into Selenium testday. Wanted to see the latest schedule page. Hasn't been updated in a while.
  • Scrumpads as status reports (matt)
    • Seems like the new one is is working ok
    • Look into using that as the sole place for status reports. Matt ready to pull the trigger on that.
    • What about matching them with goals
    • Geo: if we work on different projects, do we need to update each etherpad?
      • Matt: only if you do specific work on the different projects. You can link from one to another, if need be.
      • Matt will be Rick Rolled this week...
    • So no more status reports needed. Just use the etherpads
    • Tony: 1 on 1 etherpads are published in there. They are public, do we want them to be?
      • Matt: if you want your 1 on 1 private, let him know
  • Planning for (matt)
    • What's involved in the new cadence?
    • Shaver is thinking big thoughts about it
    • Tomorrow is the meeting where people are hashing out how that will be done.
    • As QA, we will have to grow into that.
  • Stephen: when will we know when the next all-hands is? Don't know quite yet.