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QA Staff Meeting Notes March 28, 2012

Meeting Details

 # Every Weds @ 1:30p Pacific Time - Mozilla HQ, Warp Core 
 # Vidyo:
 # Phone:  +1 650 903 0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 95312 (US/INTL)
 #         +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 95312 (US Toll Free)
 #         +1 416 848 3114 x92 Conf# 95312 (Canada)
 # IRC:    irc://

QA Org Items

QA Team Updates

Desktop Firefox (Anthony)

  • Firefox Desktop
    • A big thank you to everyone who helped with Firefox 11, unofficially our first unchemspilled rapid-release
    • Firefox 11 will probably not chemspill for TinyMCE issues (only affects CMS admins), wait until Firefox 12
    • Firefox 12.0b3 candidates available for testing (sign-off by Friday)
    • Firefox 12.0b4 timeline moved up to Thursday April 5th sign-off to account for public holiday Friday April 6th
  • Firefox ESR
    • Nothing new to report
  • Firefox 3.6
    • 3.6 EOL is now official -- working on a plan to uplift users during Firefox 12 release cycle
  • Crash Investigation

Browser Technologies (Tony)

  • Issues
    • B2G is spinning a m2.5 build by friday
    • Fennec started landing patches on Aurora. the big one will come soon when GFX changes stick. Beta is targeting Apr 24th.
    • Apps in the cloud is the big Services project for Q2. Basically App syncing architecture from marketplace.
  • Fennec (Kevin/Aaron)
    • Testday on Friday for Firefox mobile nightly
    • Firefox 12 beta 3 qualification today
    • Stability (nhirata)
  • Apps WebRT (David/Jason/Aaron)
    • What happened this week?
      • Presented at layout work week (presentation is here)
      • Mobile web compatibility analysis on-going here
      • WebRT for Android now going to be directly integrated into fennec native
        • Test plan on-going being built here
      • On-going construction of desktop test plan is here
      • Brainstormed ideas for QA best practices document for app developers - notes are here
    • What's next?
      • Improved strategy for top apps analysis on gecko vs. webkit
      • QA best practices for app developers
      • Create Q2 Goals
      • On-going construction of desktop and mobile test plans for web apps
  • Sync (Tracy)
    • Sync on trunk is currently in churn. Android just got a merge from in-bound that will appear in tomorrows nightly. There is a client train on desktop that needs to cross check to/from mobile before sign off. So wating for that Android nightly to complete it.
    • I'm in the process of moving test cases from Litmus to Case Conductor. Chose to do it by hand to do test case review/cleanup as well as clearly and thoroughly tag them as I go.
  • Test pilot (tracy)
    • A bug in Fx was causing transparent pages dialogs in TP. AMO has been updated do affected builds will get the fix on addons version check.
    • TP for T-bird is in the works
  • Services and AITC (jbonacci/jrgm)
    • QA/Dev testing of Sync 2.0/AITC 1.0 against qa1, the Sync 1.1/2.0 Dev env, plus various flavors of Linux on local VMs
    • QA/Dev testing of TokenServer, qa2 VM and the TokenServer Dev env
    • Hopefully next week, we will be hooking qa1 to qa2 for some QA env testing before focusing solely on OPs environments for April
    • Test planning for BiPostal on qa3 VM
    • Test planning for the AITC release in late April
  • BrowserID (jbonacci/jrgm)
    • Last week was BrowserID Work Week
    • Finishing up Train 23: Bug 735882 - QA and deploy BrowserID train-2012.03.14 to production
  • Pancake (nhirata)
    • Test Plan
    • Front end UI to be revised: Origami theme
    • Some caching issues were uncovered last week, should be fixed now
    • Working on filling in Test Cases w/ Test Conductor this week

WebQA (Stephen)

Community (Marcia)

QA Automation Service (Henrik, David)


Project updates

On-Demand Test Framework (Geo)
  • No update
Mozmill 2.0 Automation Scripts Update (Henrik)
  • Plans for implementing support for Mozmill 2 have been nearly finished. We can start next week.
CI system for daily and l10n Firefox Builds (Henrik)
  • Dynamic job execution requests per node group has been implemented. Means the Pulse consumer can trigger tests on specific platforms (e.g. Windows XP) given the config file.
  • Today we got our first test-runs executed on Windows. That means now have coverage for daily builds on OS X and Windows. Linux will follow-up shortly
  • DavidG is working on the download script enhancements for tinderbox builds. Once we can download those, we can setup the l10n tests.
Mozmill Dashboard Validation (DavidB)
  • Validation method has been implemented and already got sec review
  • There is one issue remaining before we can deploy it to our dashboard.
MemChaser extension
  • We now support the new GC/CC API by listening to their observer notifications
  • All GC/CC related information is now passed through to the log file
  • Log file entries are now individual entries for GC, CC, and memory usage
  • The widget does show tooltips for all elements now!
  • Full JSON compatible log file support will land soon.
Open Positions (DavidB)
  • No update
Weekly Blog Posts
Case Conductor
  • Will create a 1.0 branch sometime Friday.
    • This will be deployed to staging as soon as IT can get to it.
  • Still waiting on the Privacy / Security review
  • Should choose a name for TCM today. I have decided that whatever name I choose, like it or not, you WILL like it.
  • Dev work and bug fixes will continue by me (with help from Carl and team, as available)

Roundtable/Discussion Items

  • (jsmith) Any QA re-org updates?
  • (jsmith) What is the due date for Q2 Goals?
    • Individual & Team-level
      • At Last meeting Bob mentioned we weren't doing individual goals? [marcia]
    • Team-level: Goals by organizational team (e.g. desktop, mobile, server, web)?
  • (jsmith) Mobile Web Compatibility Awareness and Feedback on Testing Approach
    • References - Blog Posts on Awareness and Testing Approach
  • Any takeaways from Privacy Friends monthly meeting?
    • More primary sources are buying into do-not-track
    • Please contact Stacy Martin,, if there are any new projects/features you are working on that may need a privacy review. Speak with Tracy if you are unsure about privacy in regard to your project.
  • Follow up from today's Firefox 11 post mortem

Notes, Takeaways and Action Items


  • Notes
    • Goals should be proactive - examples
      • Where do find automation that will let us scale
      • How do we grow the community
      • When we see problems, are we surfacing them?
      • Take your best shot at Q2 goals and sent to Bob
      • Send your Desktop goals to Anthony
    • Anthony sent out an email re: help around April 24th - please respond to him if you are available

Last Meeting

  • Action Items