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Project Status

  • Overview (2 min brief update)
    • Desktop Firefox (Juan)
    • Maintenance and Security (Al)
    • Browser Technologies (Tony)
      • Weave 1.3 is targeting ship on May 17th. QA will have 1.3 client builds by 4/30. Weave will be renamed to "Firefox Sync"
      • Fennec 1.1 now in bugfix mode. Plans for a 1.1 RC in mid-may. Android fennec is pre-alpha'd
        • Fennec 2.0 is planned for mid summer. Android betas also
      • Test Pilot 1.0alpha is test complete. Working on 1.0Final
      • Jetpack 0.3 will be assigned to QA Intern
      • Account Manager still deciding if it fits in Labs or Firefox trunk integration. See spec (listed in Inactive projects under Firefox/Projects)
    • WebQA (Stephen)
      • Should have a smoketest for AMO up and running by the end of this week
      • SUMO 1.5.4 and 2.0 are tagged and will push May 6
      • Freezing AMO 5.10 this Thursday (April 29th), push date TBD (don't want to push the same day as SUMO)
    • Test Automation (Henrik)
      • Ongoing documentation work for all active and planned projects
      • More tests have been fixed on 1.9.2 and 1.9.1 (4-5 per platform left)
      • We have branched the repository for Firefox 3.7
      • Scripts on qa-mozmill need updates to run Firefox 3.7 builds in sequential order
    • QA Services (Marcia)
      • accessibility: Ongoing de-XPCOM-ing of the accessibility module, HTML5 input type work, now able to properly debug a11y on the Mac bug 560185.
      • Upcoming Meetups in Mt. View
        • Co-Hosting Selenium Meetup, May 19. Post coming to QMO soon with details
        • Proposed Weave Meetup in June. tchung coordinating. Date to be announced at least one month prior to meetup.
      • Upcoming conferences
        • marcia and tomcat attending Community Leadership Summit in July (part of OSCON)

Discussion Items

  • Team Meetings (Matt)
    • Working?
      • Too early to tell
    • Schedule ok?
      • Seems to be at the moment
    • Staff agenda on intranet or public wiki?
      • Move to public wiki for now
      • When QMO2 comes out, possibly publish there and it will auto-post to planet firefox
  • Proposed QA wiki (Matt)
    • need team pages to follow template
    • calendaring solution?
      • each team should have their own google calendar
  • Proposed QA work week
    • Aug 9-13, Aug 16-20
    • send out survey
  • Promotional Video (Marcia)
    • June 1 deadline
    • Team leads only
    • Soccer ball theme
  • Summit Presentations (Marcia)
    • Need ideas
    • Present ideas at next QA Services meeting
  • whiteboard tags (Al)
    • mostly for QA
    • allows for many types of searches
    • STR == Step To Reproduce
    • More for consistency
    • Need to close out by Friday and send link to write up to devs
      • dev.apps.firefox
      • dev.apps.platform

Round Table

  • (tchung) why aren't we using alias more consistently? emailing individuals when it should be qa-all is breaking my mail filters. (eg. this staff meeting reminder)
  • Passdown from Director's meeting?
  • FYI Automation & Tools Engineering work week is next week
  • (henrik) Weekly report of unclear Litmus results
  • (henrik) Testday for the new Addons Manager
  • (tomcat) QA Addon Collection is also here : - also feedback welcome
  • (aakash) feedback update

Takeaways and Action Items

Item Owner Due Done?
Move staff mtg notes from intranet to public wiki Matt May 3 done.
Each of the team leads needs to create a google calendar for their teams and publish location. Juan, Henrik, Tony, Marcia May 3 done
Send out survey for QA workweek date Matt May 4 done
Nominate folks for team videos and suggestions. Send to Marcia and she will present at the next QA services mtg. Marcia May 6 done
Send Summit QA Presentations suggestions to Marcia and she will compile and present the suggested sessions in the next QA services meeting. Marcia May 6 done
Send out finalized version of whiteboard tags to dev groups Al Apr 30 done
create qa-staff alias and delete the qa-execution alias Matt, Tony May 4 is now created.
help testing at Addons Mgr test day, this Friday All Apr 30 done
get Bob Moss to take notes for Director's Meeting Matt Apr 29 Done. Matt will provide @ next staff. Nothing particularly important.