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This is a list of proposed QA-specific tags to be used in the whiteboard for bugs in Bugzilla. The proposal is to have tags that are useful to the QA organization for the triage, verification, and tracking of bugs, especially around specific releases.

All whiteboard tags for QA begin with qa- and are wrapped in squarebrackets ("[" and "]") for [qa-something]. This means that people can always search for "[qa-" in order to find bugs that have had tags added to them.

The advantage of whiteboard tags is that the whiteboard can be added as a column in bug searches. This allows testers to scan a list of bugs and immediately see which ones have been looked at by QA, need a repro case, etc.

In addition to the use of tags in the whiteboard, remember that there are the standard "testcase-wanted" and "qawanted" whiteboard items used by the development team. You can also set "?" on the "in-testsuite" flag to ask if it is in a test suite.


qa-examined-* - This means that QA has "touched" the bug or reviewed it for a particular branch. Branch specific versions should be used as below:

  • [qa-examined-mc] - This bug has been reviewed by QA for trunk (mozilla central)
  • [qa-examined-191] - This bug has been reviewed by QA for Mozilla 1.9.1
  • [qa-examined-192] - etc
  • [qa-examined-193] - etc

qa-ntd-* - This means that there is nothing for QA to do within this bug. This is used for bugs that require no QA work, such as build change. This tag is branch specific. Use the branch specific versions:

  • [qa-ntd-mc]
  • [qa-ntd-191]
  • [qa-ntd-192]
  • [qa-ntd-193]

[qa-blocked] - This means that QA is blocked on this bug.

[qa-needs-STR] - This means that QA needs reproduction steps in order to reproduce this bug.

[qa-revisit-yyyy-mm-dd] - This means that QA needs to revisit this bug on or after a specific date. This is used for top crashers or other issues that need to be waited upon. The date should be filled in year, month, and day of month format, which will allow searches on partial dates such as [qa-revisit-2010-06 in bugzilla. Example tags would be [qa-revisit-2010-05-10] or [qa-revisit-2011-01-01].

Tags can be combined. For example, someone could add [qa-blocked] and [qa-needs-STR] to show that QA is blocked on a bug and needs reproduction steps.