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QA Staff Meeting Notes June 8, 2011

New Hires

  • James Bonacci, Services QA Lead! Start date: June 20th

Vacation Calendar for June

  • Matt: May 28- June 18
  • Tracy: June 10
  • Henrik: June 3-17
  • Stephen: June 3-8
  • Aakash: June 17-20
  • Naoki: June 30 - July 5
  • Dave Hunt: June 7-14
  • Vishal: Friday, June 10
  • Al and Rebecca (not pto, work remotely): June24 - July 5

Upcoming Test Events

Project Status

  • Overview (2 min brief update)

Desktop Firefox (Juan)

Maintenance and Security (Al)

  • Firefox 3.6.18 real soon now.
    • Waiting on questions or checkins for five bugs.
    • Al has e-mailed Waverly and Gabriela (community) about helping on builds.
    • Hoping for builds by Friday.
    • Still ships on June 21 no matter when we build! Whee!

Browser Technologies (Tony)

  • Fennec (aakash)
  • Shipped mobile 5.0b3 and 5.0b4
  • Beta 5
    • build today?
    • Several new languages signed off bug 662559
    • won't be released to market
  • Final stretch for Aurora testplans and testcases
  • Sync (Tracy)
    • account portal, sreg and reg all went to python in production last week
    • both client and server trains were missed this week. intentionally pushed to next week
    • Discoverability has been landed in aurora for some time. Bugs fixes for regressions should land soon. (they are already in places-central)
  • Load Testing (Owen)
    • See under QA Automation below
  • Test pilot (tracy)
    • still in 1.2 work
  • Identity (tracy)
    • rough test plan on the wiki. Test case summaries to be added soon there.
    • devs are solving last of security issues.
    • Identity will be first project in new Services Beta program. Essentially, this program is to put interesting and cutting edge stuff into the hands of our users without mucking with the Fx channel stream. Products should come out of Services Beta completely baked and ready for general public use.
  • Firefox Home (nhirata)
    • Initial Testing has started on testbed
    • Still need to get some of the infrastructure setup
      • Dev hoping to get most of it setup in about a month

WebQA (Stephen)


  • AMO 6.0.12 went live 06/02
  • AMO 6.1.0 is scheduled to go live on 06/09
  • We ran the add-on bulk compatibility check for Firefox 6.*

Engagement Projects

  • Mark Up dark launched on 6/7, snippets push on 6/9


  • Working on 2.7





WebQA Automation


  • Still working through Code reviews. Are still getting pull requests from Waverly
  • Merge of addon details page object imminent





Community (Marcia)

  • Weekly Community Scrumpad has very little participation (ashughes and marcia are the sole contributors). Please add any items and events you are working on so we can track what other efforts are ongoing related to community.
  • Update from Mary re: events:
    • Contributor Engagement now needs to dive in and develop a list of events that make sense to go to in order to drive participation. Additionally, they will need to work with teams to see if they have events that make sense for them to drive contribution.
    • BlogHer contribute event will likely not happen unless we can quickly mobilize some contributors and get on the agenda as a BOF.
  • There is now a bi-weekly Contribute Group meeting.
    • The Contribute Group is a forum for discussing ideas, questions, concerns or anything else about bringing new people into Mozilla.
  • David Boswell has a new post about the Mozilla Community:

Test Automation (Geo)


  • Henrik on vacation until 6/20. Any automation issues go to Geo.
  • Failures: n/a
  • New Tests: Vlad and Alex of Waverley continue to develop tests for the Add-ons Manager Discovery Pane


  • All broken tests fixed for branches down to 4.0
  • Mozmill 1.5.4 is on the horizon, almost all bugs fixed.

Project updates

Shared Modules (Geo/Henrik/Owen)
  • Window handling documentation is live
  • May tweak window handling model to something more traditional OOP
  • Targeting basic demo on 6/20
On-Demand Release Tests (Geo/Henrik)
  • Connection refused issue discovered ~6/1, traced back to Pulse infrastructure failure that has been addressed since.
  • Daemons are otherwise holding connection fine since adding a heartbeat component
  • Final version of Update scripts due EOD today
  • BFT scripts will be put together once Henrik is back from vacation
Endurance Tests (Dave/Anthony)
  • Fixed the failing Panorama test
  • Stats are now precalculated in the automation script
  • Test results now displayed on the dashboard
  • Support for Firefox 6 is in review, dashboard patch will require updating
  • We're back to not restarting by default due to the outstanding issue with disconnects
Mozmill Crowd (Henrik/Aaron)
  • No update this week
elasticSearch Dashboard (Henrik/Owen)
  • User Stories Finalized here
  • Need to finalize document structure and then will begin web app development shortly.
Sync Server Load Testing (Owen)
  • Developing Functional Grinder Scripts
  • Creating a back end for generalized weave server interaction
TCM (Cameron)
  • FC on .3 features: See them on the staging server:
  • Prioritized tasks for .4 features
  • FC for .4 slated for July 15th
  • Looking for a second on the project. *coughMasterBettycough*
  • Currently deployed on Oddsites. Want to get a deployment at Mozilla on mozqa as soon as I can.
  • Several features of TCM rely on platform fixes uTest has not yet committed to. I'll be discussing with Yishai
  • Need fixes to Platform software dependencies.

QA Infrastructure

  • VMware ESX server
    • Now online (as of late Friday) but has not been set up in detail yet (yay, 1.9.2!)
  • Shadow server:
    • Some people need ssh accounts for SFTP. Contact Al if you need an account.
    • Al setting up location under webserver to leave binary files (such as media or plugins) for testing that cannot be checked into HG and synched to automatically.
  • VMware Fusion
    • New 3.1.3 update fixes Windows SP1 and Linux kernel issues
    • Al is uploading new VMs to fs2 today and will e-mail team when done.
    • Team members are encourage to either download new VMs, upgrade VMware Fusion, and then unarchive the new VMs or to update VMware Fusion and then update their own VMs directly but you will need to reinstall VMware Tools on all VMs and possibly may run into software activation on Windows.

Discussion Items

  • Goals
    • Report and update your Q2 goals progress in the next 2 weeks
    • Have Q3 completed by july 1st. Team leads, and individuals, get your proposed goals drafted in the next weeks
      • These are going to be the benchmark for future team performance, individual performance.
  • Questions/Feedback on new org structure? Matt is announcing to rest of group when he gets back
  • (cont) handle bugzilla tracking of fixed and verified bugs in rapid release branch? (aurora, beta) (juanb, tchung) - done
  • Contributor emails update (juanb) - Done
  • MozillaQA Twitter Account. has this been resolved?
  • Proxy based testing (al)
  • QMO Pages thoughts (owen). Take a look and comment

Notes, Takeaways and Action Items


  • New Hires: James Bonacci will be starting on June 20th
  • Vacation: Please update the vacation calendar for June
  • Testdays:
    • Anthony is running testday for Developer Tools. Focus is on scratchpad feature. Please pitch in by inviting developers and add-on owners.
    • Marcia is running a testday for website compatibility on Friday (06/17)
  • Project Status
    • Browser Technologies: Webapp is looking for QA support. Tony to talk to Stephen about coverage. We may also need to ramp up on Waverley
    • WebQA: Markup launched
    • Test Automation: TCM will be ready to use/test by .5. Need a list of features to be available to start beta testing (Cameron)
  • Discussion items:
    • Everyone to update their team/personal goals within two weeks.
    • Aaron to post the email regarding how we track fixed and verified bugs in rapid release branch.
    • Please remember to do a 'Reply All' when responding to contributor emails.
    • Al to set up squid proxy on a VM.

Last Meeting

  • Introductions: Owen started this week. Geo is his mentor. Welcome!
  • Meetup Tonight: Selenium, 6:30pm, more greeters welcome.
  • Go-no-go criteria from QA
    • What will constitute this criteria? (geo) - Work in progress. Draft this week. (juanb)
  • Vacation:
    • Organizational changes in the teams to be articulated before then. (mevans)
  • Scrumpad: We depend on this information day-to-day, and it's becoming more important to others.
    • Leads responsible to update the highlights by Friday.
    • Any other pertinent information like other meetings' notes would be useful
  • Use of Pivotal for tracking purposes. Cameron presented a brief intro to the system he uses to keep track of his projects.
    • Check it out and see if it meets your needs. You are encouraged to use it, and we could make a decision to adopt it in a few weeks. (mevans)
  • Contributor inquiries responses: How do we go forward?
    • Any mail client solution to do automated responses is good for now. (juanb)
    • Figure out an interim solution to this. (juanb, mevans, et al interested)