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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

# Every Weds @ 1:30p Pacific Time - Mozilla HQ, Warp Core 
# Vidyo:
# Phone:  +1 650 903 0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 9245 (US/INTL)
#         +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 9245 (US Toll Free)
#         +1 416 848 3114 x92 Conf# 9245 (Canada)
# IRC:    irc://

QA Org Items

   QA Show and Tell
   This week: 
   [mwobensmith] "The Secret Business of Security"
   Next week: [kthiessen] "What is Persona?"
   New Hires & Interviews 

   Upcoming Events/Conferences 
   Firefox OS Sprint Work Weeks
      [marcia] Firefox OS Media Sprint Work Week/Vancouver - August 6-8th
      [jammink ][mbrandt] Comms work week, Paris, Aug 3 -11
      [geo] Performance Meetup, Toronto, Aug 26 - 30
   B2G work week, Oslo, Sept 7 - 15
   A-team work week from Aug 5th - Aug 9th
   Stability workweek - Aug 19 - 23

Travel / PTO

   [stephend] July 26th - August 9th vacation
   [henrik] PTO from July 29th - Aug 9th
   [juanb] PTO Aug 8 - 26
   [kbrosnan] PTO - July 30 and Aug 12, working from RI in-between
   [nhirata] PTO Aug 5th ~ August 12th
   [jammink] TRIBES training, Toronto, Aug 28 - Sept 
   [zac] PTO Aug14-Sept 2nd holiday w/some work
   [mwobensmith] PTO Aug 8th
   [jsmith] PTO Aug 22nd - 23rd
   [jbonacci] floater PTO Aug 23
   [rbillings] PTO Sept 2-13 
   [bob] NZ Aug 9-16
   [ashughes] Aug 12
   [juanb] - PTO for Aug 8 - 26 
   [tony] - work from seattle aug 29, 30

QA Team Updates

Desktop (Juan)

    released 23
    24.0 beta 1 will be delayed 'til Friday while releng sorts out Windows locales
   ESR (mwobensmith) 
    17.0.8 released 
   Stability (marcia) 
   Automation (ashughes)     
   Security (mwobensmith)
   Black Hat - short redux

Mobile (Tony)

   Firefox for Android (Kevin/Aaron) 
   Shipped Firefox 23 Android!
   Re-spinning mozilla-beta 24.0 beta #1 to take (WebRTC gUM UI regression)
   On-going testing of RFC 5389 STUN work-around for WebRTC on Firefox for Android
   Stability (kbrosnan) 
   investigating LG Black crash -
   B2G (Geo/jhammink) 
   struggling with 1.2 devices - smoketests are failing furiously with little attention on unagis
   discussion still going on - raised concern to relmgmt to drive
   media and Comms workweek  (marcia, john, matt)
   application manager landing in 1.1 (partner only) / homescreen merging (bug 838634)
   Stability (nhirata)
    [jsmith] Media Recording API - Test planning, exploratory testing, and automation development in progress for 1.2
   FM Radio testbed landed in API CTS suite [dclarke]
   Geolocation testbed in progress, almost finished [geo]
   Slowest mochitest reporting option landed [mwargers]
   Reordering b2g.json file along with replacing comments in [mwargers]
   Community Members Onboarding

Services (Edwin) Edwin has a new baby! Everybody say "hi" to Jonas Wong! [LIKE]

   Identity (edwong/kthiessen)
   Catalin Suciu continues to help us out with all Persona projects.
   Hotfixes for Persona/browserid core and bridge-gmail deployed successfully
   Persona train-2013.07.17 deployed successfully (thanks everybody!)

   (jbonacci) I will be sending email to all QA with some links to PiCL/Sync now that it has real traction as a Mozilla product.
   Email list:
   PiCL/Sync project and migration is gaining traction. Here are the relevant wiki pages:
   Version 1:
   User Stories:
   Migration Strategy:
   QA Test Planning information is being rewritten and will get posted to soon-ish
   PiCL-IdP/KeyServer is moving along
   Nothing to test/automate just yet, although we will need test for the following: server-side/data storage, desktop client, android client, FFos client (not sure yet about Metro support)
   Loads project is moving along well. It already supports the load testing of SimplePush. Second goal for this quarter is to provide load testing support for PiCL-IdP/KeyServer.
   Heka project is moving along. v0.3.0 is out to the public. QA is working with Dev on v0.4.0. Heka will be used by SimplePush, MarketPlace, and PiCL/Sync.

Web (Stephen)


   B2G/Gaia testing: 
   Affected for 1 day by crash of our Jenkins server. Raymond and Vaidik transferred over to a new server
    Found bugs 901475 and 901479, unfortunately could not get dev action before they were also passed down to v1-train 
   Keyboard FTU was committed to master but did not have good testability fortunately devs fixed that when asked
   Added two new tests - unlocking with passcode and test for sending MMS
   We will start adding more coverage now as we have a good stable environment to work with, finally
   Started sending HTML reports to qa/dev groups but this was interrupted by the failure of the Jenkins, will resume tomorrow.
   Leo v1.1 runs restored and in healthy condition, almost comparable to Unagi runs
   Filed bug 899984 ThirdPartyCookieException
   Filed bug 900991 against Desktop B2G
   A fix for a long time SIM import issue was finally resolved bug 895960 
   Missing Stephen D, come back!


   Engagement Projects 
   Flicks add voting and search features
   Reps is changing their templates to support continuous delivery

   Firefox Health Report
   Firefox Marketplace 
    shipped weekly release ( 
    shipped weekly release




   Community Members Onboarding

Community (Marcia)

    [Open Badges] 
   New blog post on QMO that showcases existing badge designs:
   Further promotion through cross-posting on the Creative team's blog and inclusion in the weekly Mozilla newsletter.
   3 badge designs have been submitted till date:

   Upcoming Events 
   Mozilla Summit - October 4 - 6/Brussels/Toronto/Santa Clara
   Registration forms went out and are due by 8-31
   Please book your travel if you have not already done so
   Seeking Site Hosts at all three locations - if you are interested please contact marcia.
   Ideally we would like to get 15 volunteers per site

   Testdays (ashughes)

   Video Work
   No update this week. (Raymond)
    shipped plugin update fixes last week

   Community Members Onboarding

Automation Development (Henrik, Dave)

   MozTrap (Cameron)
   Community Members Onboarding 

Roundtable/Discussion Items

   [jsmith] MarionetteJS vs. Gaia UI Tests - QA's approach
   [marcia] Didn't see many reports from Blackhat (a few from chofmann). Can someone give a summary of what the signficant takeaways were?
   [mwobensmith] I will give a brief summary.
   mcoates is currently collecting feedback from attendees to roll up a post on Blackhat
   [geo] Point people for qa-contribute responses

Notes, Takeaways and Action Items

   Action Items
   Last Meeting 
   Action Items