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Last updated: 2014/03/07

The new home of all things related to the design & development of the New Sync service that is slated to replace the existing Sync service in late 2013/early 2014. A working name for this project has been PiCL ("Profile in the Cloud"), and the below documents may use this acronym.

What Problems Are We Solving?

Right now we have four problems with our existing Sync service. In priority order they are:

1. Usability: First, it's too hard to set up - only 1% of our users have actually done so. Second, it's too hard to add a second device - only 20% of sync users have more than one device (and hence are actually getting any value at all from sync).

2. Quality: The existing Sync codebase and protocol are unable to adequately address the reliability, performance, fault recovery, and efficiency requirements of a high-usage sync system.

3. Scalability: Our sync servers are failing far too frequently resulting in user facing outages.

4. Features: Features we want to build require that we can access data via web apps, which the current sync product cannot support. Competing browsers are building interesting features that can do this. We are at a disadvantage, and it's not for want of ideas.

Upcoming releases




Archive the of the Engineering meetings can be viewed at:

Product Requirements and User Stories

UX Designs

Technical Materials

User Research




  • Lloyd Hilaiel
  • Tauni Oxborrow
  • Chris Karlof
  • Brian Warner
  • Danny Coates
  • Zach Carter
  • Vlad Filippov


  • John Gruen
  • Ian Barlow
  • Zhenshuo Fang


  • Mark Mayo
  • Ryan Kelly


  • Karen Rudnitski
  • Deb Richardson
  • Rob Lord
  • Chris Lee


  • Gavin Sharp
  • Justin Dolske


  • Mark Finkle
  • Richard Newman
  • Nick Alexander


  • Dale Harvey


  • James Bonacci