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QA Staff Meeting Notes Aug 31 2011

QA Org Items

  • New Hires & Interviews
    • Mohamed Dabbagh (intern in the desktop firefox team)
  • Upcoming Events
    • GTAC (Google Test Automation Conference) Mt. View Oct 26-27
    • Allhands Sept 12-16
      • Sessions
          • Session Title: Case Conductor
            • Leader: Cameron Dawson & Rebecca Billings
          • Session Title: Crash Reporting
            • Leader: Marcia Knous and Robert Kaiser
          • Session Title: Continuous Integration
            • Leader: Stephen Donner
          • Session Title: Outsourced Testing
            • Leader: Matt Evans
  • PTOs
    • marlenac Sept. 1 & Sept. 2
    • Billings x 2: Aug 26- Sept 9
    • marlenac Sept 1 & 2
    • jbonacci 8/19, then again late in Sept
    • David Burns 01/09
    • Tony (Sept 26 - UM recruiting; Oct 4 - FIT, Oct 12 - Waterloo)

Discussion Items

QA Team Updates

Desktop Firefox (Juan)

Browser Technologies (Tony)

  • Issues
  • Fennec (kevin, aaron)
  • Sync (Tracy)
    • client train rolled well last week, this week a couple issue were discovered that required re-spin and retest this morning
    • Add-on has be EOL'd
    • is trying my best to get an initial sync account creation test scripted in mozmill.
  • Test pilot (tracy)
    • 1.3 pre builds have been tested and back to dev for more fixes.
  • BrowserID (jbonacci)
    • Trains 1 - 3 have passed QA and gone out to Production.
    • Train 4 is in progress and needing a HotFix from Dev before testing can be completed.
  • Sync Server (jbonacci)
    • Trains 1 - 3 were much delayed, but finally went out last week
    • Train 4 - node allocation - has passed Stage and is scheduled to go into Production today, 8/31.
    • OPs is in "quiet mode" this week and will continue to do so, limiting releases, until All Hands.
  • Jetpack(?)
  • Firefox Pancake (nhirata)
    • iOS Version .09 created 8/30/2011 (brief testing)
    • testing have been done up on .6 iOS
    • brownbag has been down yesterday, 8/30/2011
    • QA Notes
      • to create account :
      • sign up for browserid
      • go to
      • type in "maple syrup" without quotes
      • Reminder : please do not blog about it yet

WebQA (Stephen)

  • All-Hands
    • Planning a joint Continuous Deployment session with James Socol (stephend)

Community (Marcia)

  • Mozilla Festival
    • Had conference call with William Q, William Reynolds and Pierros regarding planning for the Mozilla Contribute space at the Festival.
      • Need to find out who is available in the London area to help with manning the QA booth as well as possibly giving a lightning talk. The event will be Nov 4-6 which spans a weekend. A mailing list is being created so we can start dialog about what other things are needed for the event.
    • MozCamp is still in the planning stage and we should know more soon re: final date, location, etc.
  • Upcoming Testdays/BugDays/Meetups
    • Need to circle back re: GTAC meetup status. If we have consensus of what the format should be, we should start promoting the event on QMO and has the rollup of the current ideas.
  • Video Work
    • Nightly video still needs some refinement.


  • (Al):

QA Automation Service (Henrik, David)

  • General
    • Selenium 2.5 was released by Automation Services

Project updates

Automated Testing for WebApps
Team Presence (Documentation)
  • Templates for project pages have been created.
Infrastructure Investigation
Selenium Grid 2
Endurance Tests
  • No updates
Case Conductor
  • Lots of fixes have come in from Meyer brothers.
    • Cam has been accepting them.
    • Deployed to
  • Very close on Litmus data extraction tool
  • Rebecca on vacation this week
  • Carl will be out at DjangoCon Sept 5th through 9th

Notes, Takeaways and Action Items


  • Add notes here

Last Meeting

  • Action Items

Raw Notes

Mr. Burns : "The web is more than a browser"
  Web Apps - filling schedule on that
All hands: 
  - Set out notes, for sessions : 4 proposed in the wiki notes
  - 22 rooms available that hold 50 each
  - auditorium
Discussion items
 - David Clarke : talk on open web apps; google doc? html5 apps for the name, that might not make sense to the users, will change it
 - first step : what is it, what are the peices involved, how does it involve QA
 - go through all the pieces; marketplace, everything has in common.  Apps for users to buy, browse, discoverability, AMO, paypal integration, 
 - developers uploading their apps, interface around that.  browser ID integration
 - last pieces of the backend system, receipt verification, verified or not
 - error codes, etc. challenge response model
 - devices that connect into the system
  - html 5 browser compliant : no iOS integration for Q3 (prob not for Q4 either)
  - 1 useability
  - 3 different usability paths
  - desktop widget for fennec
 - html5 dashboard
 - example of the nytimes app => upload to the store, pieces on their end needs to verify that the person using it is valid and the receipt is valid
 - hit nytimes server, verify through browserid and verify the receipt and then you're in
 - any of the app clients are the same
 - if not a paid app then don't care.
 - it's up to the developer to verify those things are correct.
 - what about social network?  that's a separate thing
 -> this is for the initial launch, "does this person have access?" verification
 - they could do something like facebook login, or the login credential for the app itself
 - that would be managed like F1 with OAuth that would be further inside the app or possibily a different integration
 - testing fennec
 - testing marketplace
 - should fold nicely into minds
 - so the next question was : how to QA the complex system
 - the initial efforts was in information gathering
-  trying to work together a test place; need more help from , from the leads from different areas, for a good test plan
- high level test strategy
- automation, firefox desktop, mobile QA
- there's no one that's not going to be touching this
- add : community
- overview what's there: documentation, overview of what we're working on
- questions? thoughts?
 - common areas where things are going to be tracked?
 - web apps team is using github and issues ; QA uses bugzilla
 - mobile uses bugzilla because they land in trunk
 - need to figure out some colloboration to figure this out
 - most likely division along the lines
 - can't guarantee this
 - one of the pages; from input from different QA leads across different leads
   - anthony, krupa, aaron
 - what are the timelines
   - timeline that's advertised (oct 2), and the timeline that's reasonable (q1).
 - something to show for allhands?
   maybe a demo for oct 2.  definitely doing something in the beginning of oct.  prob shouldn't track that date
   need good ways to regress; write test cases for this, maybe move to case conductor?
 - Case conductor won't be ready to dogfood until late sept.
 - Q4 would be a good way to go
 - litmus => case conductor is available
 - csv file import feature would be in case conductor
 - beginning in mid oct
 - changes how we test client
 - different profiles
 - need o plan for firefox testing : upgrades, downgrades, apps,
 - google doc which krupa is working on, once it's ready for a wide audience then will send
 - addons are app specific
 - market place for apps, subset of market place for addons
- how many people do you need?
- a good automation strategy, it should be a lot of iterations, could be an amazing product.  could just take time to see how much more there is
- things are going to change so much, unit test might be good
- market place could change dramatically
tyler downer :
ex-community member; indicated that he left the project due to the triage QA issue than anything else
read through everything, was picked up by slashdot, etc.  was taken out of context by the press
it could be construed as a QA problem.  In some ways it is a QA prob.
So many unconfirmed bugs out there.  Either haven't been looked at all, or haven't been addressed
20k on firefox over time; we're all spread very thing, was calculated due to priority
trying to reach out to again, and see what we can do for him to confirm these bugs
- try to email him and work with us from a QA perspective
- pair it down
- clint talbert worked with him the closest
- may be a wider QA problem.
- french, italian
- people treated in bugzilla
- code of conduct ; surfaced due to the way people were being treate
- 1 on 1 discussion with mitchell
- unconfirmed bugs ; last few days around 50 ~ 60 unconfirmed bugs per day
- can go as high as couple of hundreds
- bring up for next summit; was brought up for 2008 summit but dropped
- how we communicate to the community; nonenglish speakers may end up misinterpreted ; it was self depreciation but at the same time it should be placed in
- propose sessions for that
- use bugzilla for everything, conversations and idioms of conversations show up there.
- it's not only pros on there.
- employees should be held higher
- can be challenging to communicate through irc/bugs
- it's pretty intense here.  look for ways to improve the way I communicate in forums, like the fact that they're coming up with code of conduct
- need some contructive way to improve communication
- wouldn't be surprised if this would be in the main session
- held back from expression
- hard to argue constructively
- difficult mediums.  easy to get things miscontrued
- email can be just as misconstrued

- discussion items?
- chemspill; someone detected that there was a root certificate issue; could use that to reroute traffic and spy on someone
- obtained by dutch certficate
- spun a build and released it
- root certificate that we found that we blocked that we shouldn't have blocked (holland gov agency blocked when they shouldn't be)
- has some explanation on how that happened
- clear steps to repro, we would not have caught the problem.
- certificate authority missed; missed the extent of the problem initially

- one of the things that you are on it; email thread is hot/fast
- very interesting to see; the activity; coordination; as many moving parts there are with the release, it's moving fast
- pretty proud to be in a place where it moves so fast
- thanks to everyone who is helping/Juan
- will be able to release 6.0.2; 7.0b4
- just to echo what Juan said, fennec is being done : aaron, kevin leading
- Pancake is still private

- a lot of releases as usual

- actively looking for people esp in the london area forth mozilla festival
- more info from william then we can send invites
- GTAC -> just need to post
- waylaid by the chemspill due to video
- QMO (AL on PTO)

-  QA automation:
- selenium 2.5
- mozmill 1.5.4; moz 2.0 release soon

case conductor
david marcia and matt, posting events
matt : to clean up the sessions for QA week
keep as much balance with talking and doing
- limited in terms of sessions
- working on audi (manager for waverly) and attilia (PM for waverly) for QA work week
- would be good to get more integrated with waverly