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QA Staff Meeting Notes August 17, 2011

QA Org Items

  • New Hires
    • Zac Campbell - WebQA
  • Upcoming Events
    • AMO Automation Testday this Friday Aug 19
    • GTAC (Google Test Automation Conference) Mt. View Oct 26-27
      • Proposed meetup
    • Mozilla Festival, London Nov 4-6
    • Mozilla EU Camp, Berlin Nov 10-11
  • PTOs
    • AaronMT (Aug 22-26th, vacation)
    • Juan Aug 5 - 23
    • Billings x 2: Aug 26- Sept 9
    • marlenac Sept 1 & 2
    • jbonacci 8/19, then again late in Sept

Discussion Items

  • Proposal for handling Firefox features from the QA perspective (Henrik)
    • Henrik has sent out an email last Thursday with a detailed description. Please find it and read it carefully. It could help us a lot of managing the QA status across branches.
    • For an example see the Extension Manager QA feature page

QA Team Updates

Desktop Firefox

  • Firefox (ashughes)
    • Firefox 6 released
    • Firefox 7.0 beta 1 being tested, targeting sign-off later today
      • releng had to restart the update generation -- won't be ready to test until ~7pm Pacific
    • Firefox 8.0 now in Aurora -- updates being tested on auroratest
    • Firefox 9.0 now in Nightly -- updates being tested on nightly
    • Automation - working through backlog of reviews/check-ins/planning created by release work
  • Maintenance and Security (Al)
    • Firefox 3.6.20 released
    • Firefox 3.6.21 is definitely happening
    • Post-3.6.21 depends on what the ongoing plan is for longterm support.

Browser Technologies (Tony)

  • Fennec (kbrosnan)
  • Sync (james, tracy)
    • Client
    • Server
      • Weekly train is on track to release this afternoon. This includes three separate, but important deployments:
      • Sync Server clone and build site has been updated to allow for channel selection: Dev, Stage, Prod. This will be tested by QA next week using our sync6 VM.
      • Discussions for adding some level of versioning to allow for Release Candidates is ongoing.
  • Test pilot (tracy)
    • Jono planning update to the extension for both desktop and mobile in the next week or so.
    • New studies to follow after the extension work.
  • BrowserID (james)
    • Completed first train of BrowserID on new Beta (Stage) environment running with sqlite3.
    • Due to time/resource constraints, trains 2 and 3 (8/12 and 8/18) may get merged. These include important changes to support UI fixes and move to SQL.
    • Discussion around better UI, general usability, and security/privacy are ongoing.
    • Also working on browser/mobile matrix for support/testing.
  • Firefox Pancake (nhirata)
    • pancake is now using browser id
    • having a discussion on ideas to place in to help get to the vision thursday.

WebQA (Stephen)

Community (Marcia)

  • Upcoming Testdays/BugDays/Meetups
    • See Top Level section for details
  • Events
    • Mozilla EU Camp, Berlin Nov 10-11 - We need to start thinking about Community members we want to nominate to attend. If it is done the same way as previous years, each group will be able to nominate a set of people to attend. More info should be available when William Q is back from vacation.
  • Video Work
    • Next video project will be coming up with an idea for a QA video to have available at the Mozilla Contribute event in London. The idea would be for each group to have a short video available for viewing and then have someone in the team available to answer questions about getting involved.
    • The new nightly video is available but is awaiting Juan's review. Some minor edits are needed.
  • (Al):
    • Bugzilla integration goes live on 8/18 (Thursday)

QA Automation Service (Henrik, David)

  • General
  • Mozmill
    • Clint was out the last week and at least this week. So no further updates on releases
    • Driver module has been approved to land in Mozmill 2 - it will allow us a smooth transition for our tests to Mozmill 2
  • WebQA
    • Work on Pytest-Mozwebqa is still on going
    • Selenium 2.5 due for release in the next couple of days

Project updates

Automated Testing for WebApps
  • Collected information from the Etherpads will be moved to OWA project pages on the Wiki in the next days
  • Still working with developers to get more detailed information about Q3 and longer-term goals
Team Presence (Documentation)
  • Whois page is up
  • Next are project pages and structure of the wiki (meeting upcoming)
Infrastructure Investigation
Selenium Grid 2
  • No updates
Endurance Tests
Case Conductor
  • Carl and Team just checked in. The rest of this week will be mostly email catching up. They'll start doing "real" work next week.
  • Have an approach to Litmus data migration, will begin prototyping very soon
  • Have completed first round of User Story collection interviews. Thanks!!!
  • Continuing communication with uTest PM, Roy. Hard to connect with him as his availability is very limited.

Notes, Takeaways and Action Items


  • Action Item
    • mevans to follow up on "does GTAC support meetups?"
    • Marcia : EU Camp info from choffman, Moz Fest event info from William
    • Create a etherpad to collect suggestions for sessions for all hands as well as work week; suggestion box to be complete mid next week
    • Whois Page : to be completed end of this week
      • leads and managers to take care of their sections for the whois page.
      • Team members w/o pictures, please upload one
    • Firefox features
      • Whimboo: Build Template linked to the top of the QA page ; would like feedback from ashughes

Raw Notes

QA : 
- > AMO Automaton test day this friday.
3 spots left for moderators.
fix breakages ; fixed the things that fixed a lot of tests, and narrowing down on the ones we need help on

GTAC, several people heard back; do a meet up.  Theme idea: around continuous deployment and what QA's role is
Web QA -> important topic going forward. 
** Action Item : GTAC -> support meetups? follow up mevans
Mozilla Festival - Festival formerly Drumbeat event Media and the Web
	- have space in lobby, QA, Marketting, PR, Reps
	- to have some video to play to demonstrate how you can be involved
	- push the event, marketting talk about event so we can be prepared
EU Camp. don't have firm details as of yet.
** Marcia : EU Camp info from choffman, Moz Fest event info from William
Flurry for remote folks.  No issues other than personals.  Mechanics of reservations and hotels should be set.
Dates are there. Email thread or etherpad for sessions : all hands, morning events, should feel like we can do our own events, not just engineering
prodominantly dev. ; invite dev for them to participate in events, specific to QA -> work week stuff for break out sessions
Any other suggestions? 
** Create a etherpad to collect suggestions for sessions for all hands as well as work week
to be complete mid next week.
Who is page.  Just need to have it cleaned up.  Categorize in team.
** Action items : Can leads and managers take care of their sections for the whois page.
** Action items : Team members w/o pictures, please upload one
due date this week.

Henrik: please read email, and give feedback in regards to how to handle firefox.  
ME : looking for dashboard similar to this for other features; up on this as soon as we can.
Comments on format?  Looks great.  Abstraction from other pages.
Juan/Geo working on something for ffx
Suggestion : how to create this page at the bottom of the example?
Recursive template?  Blank one of these landing pages at the bottom have a link to itself.
** Whimboo: Build Template linked to the top of the QA page
whimboo wants feedback from anthony.
should revisit this after it's been used for a little while.
might be worth checking back.


Videos for Rainer's queue; let him know by filing a bug.
for the opened by queries can show data.  need an api for other queries.
idea is community to help them.  badge or achievement for opening, confirming, verifying bugs.
mozilla public license; delayed due to contractor work then doing it ourselves.
need to blog about it.
record in the forum

New public mailing list / newsgroup for Automation Services is now available 
no big updates, read the wiki
Case Conductor:
more work next week
thanks to rebecca for user story collection
most of it's on the wiki.

Last Meeting