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Notices / Schedule

  • We are chemspilling for a security issue with the DigiNotar CA.
  • This means new versions of Firefox for desktop (3.6.21, 6.0.1, 7, 8, and 9) and mobile (6.0.1, 7, 8, and 9), Thunderbird (3.1.13, and 6.0.1) and SeaMonkey (2.3.2)
    • The impact on the old 3.6.21, now 3.6.22 schedule are TBD

Firefox Development

Firefox Developer Tools

  • Initial style inspector patch landed on fx-team. bug 582596, improvements incoming.
  • Console API storage patches landed.


  • Posted a thread to dev.platform on getting rid of dev.performance
  • Collection of general bugs related to Mobile Performance
  • Collection of bugs related to Mobile Startup


  • We think that OpenGL ES accelerated layer composition on Nightly builds for Android is ready to be tested by technical users.
    • There are still some known minor rendering glitches when pinch-zooming or panning; single frames are drawn at the wrong scale.
    • Apparently, Adreno-based handhelds (like the Nexus One) freeze when using GL-accelerated layers; maybe don't try it on those phones.
    • To turn it on, set layers.acceleration.disabled to false and layers.acceleration.force-enabled to true in about:config, and restart your browser.


  • Type Inference has landed!
    • This is Brian Hackett's work + some help from contributor Jan de Mooij
    • 30% improvement on V8-v6 benchmark
    • Even more on Kraken, fast on lots of other stuff too
  • Formed the IonMonkey project team, already emailed about this


  • More 3D transforms stuff landed, some more to come before we can try turning it on by default (mattwoodrow)
    • Discovered an interesting regression on Facebook where they feed -webkit properties to any browser that Modernizr says supports 3D transforms :-(
  • Jonathan Kew persuaded some authors of TeX hyphenation dictionaries to relicense their dictionaries to be a bit more liberal, so we will ship dictionaries for some more languages
  • Team status:
    • dbaron: review hell, investigating mobile text resizing
    • dholbert: CSS3 flexbox
    • matspal, tnikkel: bug fixing
    • fantasai: getting started on page-break-*
    • jfkthame: bug fixing, patches for Graphite font support
    • jwatt: converting SVG code to use display lists and be more like other layout code
    • heycam: WebIDL, reworking SVG text to use CSS layout
    • smontagu: implementing and unicode-bidi:isolate


  • Team status:
    • doublec: bug fixing
    • kinetik: tidying up libcubeb sound library for review
    • karl: reviews, tuning the lighting in the Auckland office
    • cpearce: fixing remaining issues with fullscreen API (such as multiprocess support)
    • rgiles: starting on WebVTT subtitles
    • derf, jmvalin: Opus work, WebRTC standards discussion, WebRTC demo hacking
    • rjesup: WebRTC
    • roc: MediaStreams processing infrastructure



  • Progress on WebSMS (can now delete stored messages). Runs on Android and B2G
  • WebUSB is coming along on windows
  • Bent started working on WebTelephony. Will only run on B2G due to API limitations in Android




  • Pre-honeycomb flash support (click to play) patches up. bug 630007.
  • More tablet UI has landed
    • Transparency seems to cause a scrolling perf hit
  • Webkit Honeycomb source are now available.



Tree Management


Stability Report


  • ADUs Friday - Migration of blocklist (AMO) to new Data Center resulted in missing some ADUs (note the wacky numbers for Friday). The issue has corrected itself.
  • Duplicate Reports - Algorithm for dupes in Socorro probably needs follow up.
  • Missing Bug IDs in Socorro: Bug 681682


Top Issues


  • Trunk - 9.0a1
    • Bug 682313 - Firefox 9.0a1 Crash [@ je_free | mozilla::ipc::windows::DeferredSettingChangeMessage::~DeferredSettingChangeMessage() ]
    • Bug 682916 - Firefox Crash [@ XPC_WN_NoHelper_Finalize ]
    • Bug 682974 - Resolved as duplicate of an earlier bug
  • Aurora
    • [@ RenderTargetStateHolder::PushToDevice(ID3D10Device*, CD3DSurface*) ] - appears as new signature but is the same user. Will file if volume increases.
  • Beta
    • Bug 680927 - Startup crash in mozcomp.dll with IBM Tivoli Access Manager
    • Bug 680921 - malware related



  • Naoki has a detailed report for Mobile -
  • Big issue - really not enough ADUs on Nightly and Aurora.
  • A few issues we need to get addressed ASAP
    • Still missing symbols for many of the mobile crashes - over 40% for 8a2 over 30% for 7 over 45% for release 6 - Bug 672287
    • Bug 679065 - empty report list returned for top crashes.
  • Crash Highlights
    • Fennec 9a1: at least 81.2 % of crashers are new (out of 186 crashes); Fennec 8 has a lot of new crashers as well.
    • Top crash in 6 & 7 - Bug 663494
    • Special crashkill meeting today at noon to talk about how to make these crashes more visible - isolate the high volume reproducible ones and get them in front of devs.


  • Blizzard contacting team leads for priorities and feature pages.