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Wed October 9, 2013

# Every Weds @ 1:30p Pacific Time - Mozilla HQ, Warp Core 
# Vidyo:
# Phone:  +1 650 903 0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 9245 (US/INTL)
#         +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 9245 (US Toll Free)
#         +1 416 848 3114 x92 Conf# 9245 (Canada)
# IRC:    irc://

QA Org Items

   QA Show and Tell
   This week: none today
   Next week: webQA
   New Hires & Interviews 

   Upcoming Events/Conferences 
   mwobensmith @ MozFest October 25-27
   aaronmt @ FSOSS Oct 25th
   jammink giving NoBackend talk @QConSF, November 11


Travel / PTO

   [mbrandt] - getting close to baby launch ..
   [marcia] Likely PTO Oct 11
   [nhirata] November 13-14 Tribes
   [mschifer] PTO till next week.
   [jammink] likely PTO soon
   [tony]: PTO 10/14-10/18 disneyworld
   [geo]: In SF for CRB on 10/14, PTO 10/18
   [pdehaan] in SF for HTML5DevConf Oct 22-23

QA Team Updates

Desktop (Juan)

    Fx25b on track
   Aware of any issues? Chime in here:
   Firefox Metro
   Proposed change to share profile between desktop and metro version might delay final release (Fx29 perhaps). Team is assessing risks, technical and legal. Decisions in the days ahead.

   ESR (mwobensmith) 

   Stability (marcia) 
    October 8th platform meeting was cancelled so there is no stability report from this week.

   Automation (ashughes)

   Security (mwobensmith)
   Shumway security review

   [juanb] QA meet and greet session during Summit went well. Shared stage with IT team.
   Had Q&A in Santa Clara, went very well there too. Thanks to Martijn and Parul for helping out a lot there! (geo)
   [juanb] One and Done presentation had a handful of participants but they expressed interest in participating as testers or developers of the project itself.

Mobile (Tony)

   Firefox for Android (Kevin/Aaron) 
   Shipping 25.0 beta 6 today, tracking 25+ issues
   Stability (kbrosnan) 
   B2G (Geo/jhammink) 
   Stability (nhirata)
    == 1.3 ==
   bug 924683 - crash in mozilla::HwcComposer2D::TryRender(mozilla::layers::Layer*, gfxMatrix const&) 
   bug 923511 - [B2G][Dialer][Bluetooth] Adjusting call volume while connected to a bluetooth headset crashes OS
   == 1.2 ==
   bug 924678 - crash in PR_EnterMonitor | android::OmxDecoder::NotifyDataArrived(char const*, unsigned int, long long) 
   == 1.0.1 ===
   Basically the same list of top crashers:
   [nhirata] issue with ril for ebay inari/ikura users because they are on 1.0.1 ril (chocolate) versus 1.1 ril (strawberry)
   [jsmith] E.Me 1.2 Test Coordination & Execution - Decision is to delay shipping feature until 1.3 due to risk for instability on 1.2
   [jsmith] Active customization data development & testing associated for 1.2
   [jsmith] Working on a state transition mochitest for Media Recording API
   [jammink] Working on testcases for Cell  Broadcast SIM Customization
   [jammink] Spotchecking on Burirun2
   [jammink] Researching/writing automation script to automate testrun emails
   [jammink] some 1.2 testing for helix
   [marcia] Smoketesting
   A Gecko regression earlier in the week caused some issues with the build resulting in a startup crash. Builds are back to normal beginning yesterday.
   Platform (geo)
   Prepping for test plan discussion in CRB kickoff next week (geo)
   Working on TCP Socket for CRB compatibility tests (geo)
   Mochitests (Martijn)
   Bug 918258 -   Convert reftests 448987.html and 449653-1.html to mochitests, this was finally checked in last week
   Bug 922008 - Remove more enablePrivilege calls, part2, checked in
   Bug 920013 - Rewrite test_cocoa_focus.html to use SpecialPowers,  talked  with Steve Michaud about this at the summit, he'll look at this  and review the patch eventually
   [dclarke] Signed Apps Tests Up for Review
   Community Members Onboarding
   QA session in Brussels
    Seif Lotfy - working on a mobile web compatibility diff tool

Services (Edwin)

   mozilla (ldap) identity provider  fixes went live
   landed persona gaia-ui-test!
   sync: testing
   browserid train-2013.09.25 headed to staging on Thu 10 Oct.

   Campaign Manager test pass complete, schedule go live next week
   SimplePush server goes 1.0 -
   Add-on registration server in discussion

Web (Stephen)

    Q4 redesign proposal -

   B2G/Gaia testing: 
   have received and are setting up the Hamachis we need to run master/1.2
   Looking at adding tests in TBPL by removing current, external dependencies on Gaia UI Tests:
   Going to start a big drive of new tests to be written by community
   Resume sending HTML report to qa-b2g as a 'build health status' for moz and qa-analysts teams
   worked around an audioManager crasher:
   Dave's working on a way to more-reliably know when B2G is launched (affecting Hamachis primarily, but also Inari)

    preparing for release
   Bug 918181 - Update firefox-latest,  firefox-stub, firefox-latest-euballot bouncer aliases as a part of  post-release builder (and same for beta)

   Engagement Projects 

   Firefox Health Report
   No updates
   Firefox Marketplace 
    Weekly push [1] went live 10/08 
    no updates

    2013-10-10 release scheduled
   Release blocked by 

    no updates

    Milestone 62 released 2013-10-09
   Push bug -
   Features released -

   Community Members Onboarding
    spoke to Johannes Nebelhom at the Summit, and he's going to look at b2gperf/Gaia UI Test contribution
   he's currently contributing to mozdownload

Community (Marcia)

   Projects - One and Done -
   One and Done Sessions at the Summit - conducted at all three sites. Notes are still to come in from Zac Campbell and pragmatic.
   [juanb]   One and Done presentation had a handful of participants but they expressed interest in participating as testers or developers of the   project itself.
   Plan to develop the site in small incremental cycles now.
   Plan to host a session at Mozilla Festival in London after discussion with QA Team.

   Past Events
   Mozilla Summit
   Lots of awesome feedback from Site Host Leads about members of the QA team who stepped up to be Site hosts in the three Summit locations
   BRU: Stephen Donner, Marc Schifer, Kevin Brosnan, David Clarke
   TOR: Karl Thiessen (co-lead with Luciana), Anthony Hughes
   SC: Geo Mealer, John Hammink, Matt Wobensmith, Parul Mathur.
   [pragmatic] Blogged daily on QMO. (More photos still to be added from my camera.)
   Some videos are already up on Air Mozilla - Opening and Closing remarks are up: please share with those who were not able to attend
   Clara from SUMO team would like to talk to the QA team to get some pointers on community recognition guide.
   Upcoming Events 
   Mozilla Festival in late October (October 25 - 27) - London

   Testdays (ashughes)

   Video Work
   No update this week. (Raymond)

   Community Members Onboarding

Automation Development (Henrik, Dave)

   Dave: Command line interface tool for Gaia:
   Lots of interested people at the summit - we may get some more contributors

    Mozmill CI (Henrik)
   Upgrade to Mozmill 2.0 was only partial - we found a strange regression in Firefox 26 and 27 which breaks Mozmill 2.0
   New OS X 10.9 machines, 4 nodes per platform, and latest updates for OS X, Flash, and Java!topic/

   MozTrap (Cameron)

   Community Members Onboarding 
   Kamil Kjozwiak:

Roundtable/Discussion Items

   Community: Do you believe?
   Can we piggyback off of dev engagement?
   ie have a small contest for hacking up an app that uses the most web apis.

Notes, Takeaways and Action Items



   Action Items

   Last Meeting 

   Action Items 

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