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Build 1

No l10n changes No need to set clobberer or reserved slaves Landed buildbot configs, tagged buildbot-configs, buildbotcustom, tools with

 hg tag -f FIREFOX_10_0_10esr_{RELEASE,BUILD1}

release sanity dry run:

python -u catlee -V 10.0.10esr --branch mozilla-esr10 --build-number 1 --release-config --products firefox --dry-run

# complained about missing l10n milestones which is expected for a chemspill. Ran again with '-l' and it passed. Ran without --dry-run:

python -u catlee -V 10.0.10esr --branch mozilla-esr10 --build-number 1 --release-config --products firefox -l
  • win32 build died with connection timeout - rebuilt
  • no darwin10 slaves available for builds - manually moved some over w/ slavealloc
  • osx64 repacks 2/3 failed due to lack of disk space; the slave moved onto repack repack 4 and seemed to find enough space somehow. I retriggered 2/3 and the succeeded.
  • several update_verify runs failed due to bug 804984; I retriggered them
  • files were copied into the releases directory despite update_verify failing
  • ran backupsnip Firefox-10.0.10esr-build1
  • ran pushsnip Firefox-10.0.10esr-build1