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Build 1

Started the release

No l10n changes No need to set clobberer or reserved slaves Landed buildbot configs, tagged buildbot-configs, buildbotcustom, tools with

 hg tag -f {FIREFOX,FENNEC}_16_0_2_{RELEASE,BUILD1}

release sanity dry run:

python -u catlee -V 16.0.2 --branch mozilla-release --build-number 1 --release-config --release-config --products firefox,fennec --dryrun

# complained about missing l10n milestones which is expected for a chemspill. Ran again with '-l' and it passed. Ran without --dry-run:

python -u catlee -V 16.0.2 --branch mozilla-release --build-number 1 --release-config --release-config --products firefox,fennec

Sign android builds

# on signing1
cd ~/signing-work/mozharness
hg pull -u && hg up -C
cd ..
python2.6 mozharness/scripts/ --config-file signing/

r-d was mailed automatically

partner repacks

linux/linux64 died - bug 805098. I pushed and rebuilt. both succeeded.

updates failed

in bump_verify_configs e.g.

/tools/python-2.6.5/bin/python tools/scripts/updates/ -c tools/release/patcher-configs/mozRelease-branch-patcher2.cfg --platform macosx64 --output tools/release/updates/mozRelease-firefox-mac64.cfg --release-config-file mozilla/ -b --channel betatest -t FIREFOX_16_0_2_RELEASE

requesting all changes
adding changesets
adding manifests
adding file changes
added 7113 changesets with 15652 changes to 2559 files (+2 heads)
updating to branch default
676 files updated, 0 files merged, 0 files removed, 0 files unresolved
0 files updated, 0 files merged, 0 files removed, 0 files unresolved
27 files updated, 0 files merged, 0 files removed, 0 files unresolved
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "tools/scripts/updates/", line 122, in <module>
ValueError: list.remove(x): x not in list

possibly bug 800925

rail landed a fix for bug 800925; I backed one of the configuration bumps, retagged, and rebuilt the updates builder

rebuild failed in pushsnip:

Touching /opt/aus2/incoming/3/Firefox
mv: cannot move `/opt/aus2/snippets/staging/Firefox-16.0.2-build1-test' to `/opt/aus2/snippets/pushed/Firefox-16.0.2-build1-test': File exists
retry: Failed, sleeping 4 seconds before retrying
retry: Calling <function run_with_timeout at 0xb7cd1294> with args: (['ssh', '-t', '-l', 'ffxbld', '-oIdentityFile=~/.ssh/auspush', '', '~/bin/pushsnip Firefox-16.0.2-build1-test'], 7260, None, None, False, True), kwargs: {}, attempt #4
Executing: ['ssh', '-t', '-l', 'ffxbld', '-oIdentityFile=~/.ssh/auspush', '', '~/bin/pushsnip Firefox-16.0.2-build1-test']
Pseudo-terminal will not be allocated because stdin is not a terminal.

backed out configuration bumps again, re-tagged, and deleted the directories above and rebuilt the updates builder. this time it succeeded.

QA reported that there were no updates from 16.0 -> 16.0.2. This was caused by the "from" line in the patcher configs being set to "15.0.1". I backed out the automation bumps, adjusted the "from" line to "16.0" and re-ran the updates builder.

push to mirrors

clicked force build on


ran backupsnip Firefox-16.0.2-build1 on aus3-staging

Push fennec

Uploaded & activated 16.0.2 APK in google play store. To push the files:

# ffxbld@stage
curl -O
chmod +x

Push desktop snippets

# ffxbld@aus3-staging
cd /opt/aus2/snippets/staging
~/bin/pushsnip Firefox-16.0.2-build1


Force build on


filed bug 805963