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Build 1



Release was started using release-runner (bhearsum/rail), but the l10n-changesets were still handled manually.

We missed the release config template change prior to starting with release-runner. A couple of rounds of patches (1, 2) with reconfigs sorted that out. bhearsum forced an armv6 build, setting a buildid property with the same value as the armv7 build

The Mac xulrunner build failed with an error creating a symlink in the compile stage, bug 812918. This seems to be an intermittent failure across several branches. Green on rebuild.

Published Fennec per instructions. QA did some armv6 device blocking afterwards.

bug 816090 -- fennec wasn't pushed to releases/; aki did that nov28

Build 2

XulRunner push to mirrors

  • failed because build1 was pushed to releases directory. Fixed by
[xrbld@upload1.dmz.scl3 ~]$ rm -rf /pub/

Partner repacks

Partners couldn't get builds due to index.html files during slow copy into firefox/releases - bug 813515.