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Bugs Hit

  • Reconfig got stuck


Build 1

Ship the l10n milestone

Land config updates / Run release sanity and start automation

  • [9:27am EST] Filled in automation web UI: r+ by bhearsum
  • ran into a bug with the new automation.
[09:29am] bhearsum: this is going to be tough to deal with now though....we have fennec configs bumped, but not firefox configs.....
[09:29am] bhearsum: we'll have to backout the configs and delete the tags to make it work
[09:33am] bhearsum: okay, everything backed out...let's try this again!
[09:33am] jhopkins: bhearsum: do you need me to re-submit my web form?
[09:34am] bhearsum: jhopkins: nope
[09:34am] bhearsum: they weren't successfully started, so they're still in the queue!
[09:34am] bhearsum: okay, config bumping on fennec + tagging went fine
[09:34am] bhearsum: release sanity appears to be running now
[09:35am] bhearsum: okay, looks like it's doing firefox now
[09:38am] bhearsum: okay, both sanitys passed
[09:38am] bhearsum: update/checkconfig/reconfig in process

Sign Android Builds

  • [11:00am EST] Received automated email "All android builds now available"
  • Android builds are signed.
  • [12:59pm EST] Automation sees the signed builds and sends "All signed builds now available" email.
  • [11:13AM EST Nov. 1] lsblakk: jhopkins: i believe we will not get QA sign off until quite late today, likely push to beta tomorrow morning or early aft if no issues arise
  • [1:43PM EST Nov. 2]
[1:33pm] jhopkins: do we have an ETA on pushing Firefox 17.0b4 to beta?
[1:40pm] akeybl: jhopkins: ashughes let me know we'd be ready to push b4 desktop around now
[1:41pm] akeybl: we're waiting on sign-off
[1:41pm] jhopkins: ok. and mobile?
[1:41pm] akeybl: we're waiting on status from kbrosnan
[1:41pm] jhopkins: ok thanks
[1:42pm] ashughes: jhopkins, update tests are still running on releasetest
[1:42pm] ashughes: I'll send email and ping you when it's done
[1:42pm] jhopkins: ashughes: awesome - thanks
[1:43pm] ashughes: hopefully done in the next 30 minutes

Push to mirrors

  • checked uptake, OK

Push snippets

  • [2:34PM EST] got Desktop sign-off
  • verified mirror uptake on bouncer (result: 5 million)
  • [2:51PM EST] got the 'go to beta' for Desktop and Fennec.
  • [3:00PM EST] pushsnip completes
  • Bouncer 'latest' link updated.
  • replied to 'Please push Firefox Desktop...' email

Publish Fennec

Ran post-release builder


  • [4:57PM EST] QA signs off Firefox Desktop 17.0b4 updates on beta channel
  • [7:35PM EST] QA signs off on updates and installs from the Play store