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Bugs Hit


  • Per desire for builds out to Softvision faster, Only generated 1 partial rather than two.

Build 1

Ship the l10n milestone

Land config updates / Run release sanity and start automation

Sign Android Builds

  • [21:04 PST] Received automated email "All android builds now available"
  • Android builds are signed.
  • [21:12 PST] Automation sees the signed builds and sends "All signed builds now available" email.

Push snippets

  • [13:56 EST] got the 'go to beta' for Desktop and Fennec.
  • [~14:35 EST] lost BuildVPN access temporarily
  • [14:59 EST] pushsnip completes
  • Bouncer 'latest' link updated.
  • replied to 'Please push Firefox Desktop...' email

Publish Fennec

Verified Times

  • [15:07 EST] Verified latest-* link in bouncer is updated
  • [16:22 EST] Realized that I mistakenly did not hit 'save' on Fennec Publish
  • [16:25 EST] Properly published Fennec
  • [17:04 EST] QA signs off Firefox 17.0b5 updates on beta channel
  • [17:29 EST] Manual trigger of "postrelease" builder reports complete
  • [17:51 EST] Verified that Google Play cache expired and is now showing Beta 5