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Build 1



  • Created and shipped l10n milestones for Fennec and Firefox.
  • Submitted Fennec and Firefox to ship it.
  • Coop reviewed marked as ready

Dashboard checks failed

Got this error from release sanity:

2013-02-15 12:17:20,376 : ERROR : cannot find l10n dashboard at
2013-02-15 12:22:14,170 : ERROR : cannot find l10n dashboard at

Not 100% sure what the URL should be but either the dashboard URLs changed or we changed our code that generates dashboard URLs.

Not a critical check to perform, disabled them and resubmitted.

Note: (Callek) - I thought we were meant to explicitly disable l10n dashboard checks for final (non beta) releases.

Mac XULRunner

Mac XULRunner build failed, with recurring headache bug 835164, re-trigger succeeded fine.

Win32 Repack

Win32 Repack 1/6 failed, was unable to properly download the ast locale's complete mar. There was an ftp blip around that time (in bug 841982) Manually rebuilt and resulted in a good build.