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Build 1

Shipped milestones, used release runner for 1st time!

Killed builds through self-serve due to and

Build 2

Release runner again.

Android signing: followed instructions.

Win32 update verify 3+4 of 4 failed. Aki retried them. These failed because of

Publish Fennec

followed instructions

Build 3

(desktop only, due to

Release runner again.

Xulrunner macosx failed, due to an existing file (clobberer not working properly?) Set manual clobber and re-ran.

Rebuilt linux64 due to

Nuked releases/19.0b1 and rebuilt check-permissions + push to mirrors

QA's releasetest tests were failing with the same problems that build2 had, almost certainly due to the CDN cache. Filed bug 829038 to get the CDN cache purged.

Ran pushsnip + updated bouncer (s,18.0b7,19.0b1,g). Pushsnip still had a build2 directory there; maybe we need to clean that up?