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Tracker: bug 825309
RelEng: hwine

Build 1

  • Started via release_runner - no problems
  • multiple failures in android repack:
    • 1st run: bug 833861
      • retagged & did rebuild
    • 2nd run: not enough disk space on AWS slaves
      • just did rebuild
    • 3rd run: upload failure (filed bug 833997 for root cause analysis)
      • can't get into boxes to debug: bug 833956
      • manually need to upload for all 6 repacks:
 cd /builds/slave/rel-m-beta-andrd-rpk-2/build/mozilla-beta/obj-l10n 
 scp -i .ssh/ffxbld_dsa dist/fennec*.apk
      • then manually move to candidates dir
      • then fire the release-mozilla-beta-android_repack_complete builder manually
        • manually forwarded email to r-d & filed bug 833985 to correct distribution on that email.
  • release-mozilla-beta-firefox_source failed
    • reported at 2013-01-23 09:46 PT
    • noticed at 2013-01-24 13:40 PT :(
      • email on delay sent to r-d
    • started a rebuild
      • rebuild failed - opened bug 834483 to double timeout

Push desktop snippets

push request sat for 35min before someone started it.

As ffxbld@aus3-staging

cd /opt/aus2/snippets/staging
~/bin/pushsnip Firefox-19.0b3-build1

publish fennec

no issues


updated - URL checks out

post release

forced, completion email received