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Be sure to take notes on manual steps and any problems you encounter.


Release engineer: hwine
Tracking bug: bug 825312

Build 1

  • prepped l10n changesets for both Firefox & Fennec. Pending approvals on both, but okay for beta.
  • submitted releases via Ship-It!
    • first time failure, due to android-x86 not being in platform list, but in mozconfig list -- reopened bug 820592 to back out release config side of changes.
    • bug 840524 opened to improve release-runner email content
    • after landing backout on production, release-runner started the releases successfully
  • builds without incident
  • desktop snippet push & bouncer update smooth
  • Post release tasks forced & completed
  • Fennec apk's pushed to google play
  • Fennec snippets pushed to mirrors ← not fogotten!