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  • who: hwine/bhearsum
  • tracking bug: bug 858634
  • bugs encountered:

Build 1 for Desktop



  • l10n & ship-it submission by lsblakk
  • automation ran without incident

Munge snippets to be Windows-only

Because 20.0.1 is a Windows only release we need to fix the test snippets so that Linux and Mac point at 20.0 while Windows points at 20.0.1, and create Windows only versions of the 20.0.1 snippets. All of this work was done as ffxbld@aus3-staging

To create Windows only versions of the snippets: cd /opt/aus2/snippets/staging rsync -av --exclude=*Linux* --exclude=*Darwin* ../pushed/Firefox-20.0.1-build1-test/ Firefox-20.0.1-build1-test-win-only/ rsync -av --exclude=*Linux* --exclude=*Darwin* Firefox-20.0.1-build1/ Firefox-20.0.1-build1-win-only/

To fix the test snippets:

# Remove 20.0 -> 20.0.1 snippets, because these should be nulls for Linux/Mac
find /opt/aus2/incoming/3/Firefox/20.0/*/20130326150557/ -wholename '*/releasetest' -exec rm -rf '{}' \;
find /opt/aus2/incoming/3/Firefox/20.0/*/20130326150557/ -wholename '*/betatest' -exec rm -rf '{}' \;
find /opt/aus2/incoming/3/Firefox/20.0/*/20130326150557/ -type f
rm -rf /opt/aus2/incoming/3/Firefox/20.0/*/20130326150557/

# Repush 20.0 test snippets to point older Linux/Mac versions back at 20.0
mv ../pushed/Firefox-20.0-build1-test .
~/bin/pushsnip Firefox-20.0-build1-test

# Push Windows-only 20.0.1 test snippets to point Windows at the correct version on the test channels
~/bin/pushsnip Firefox-20.0.1-build1-test-win-only

After all of this was done I retriggered the Windows update verify steps to verify and e-mailed release-drivers to let QA know that updates can now be tested.

Remaining steps

  • pushed to mirrors via automation
  • final verification failed for all non-windows platforms
    • this is to be expected for this windows only release
    • manually forced release-mozilla-release-ready_for_releasetest_testing w/o parameters
  • pushed snippets to release channel without incident
  • bouncer update done via bug 860255 (prior to official go live, but no issues per lsblakk in r-d)
  • snippets pushed without incident
  • release unthrottled (bug 860845 thanks to Ben)
  • EU ballot bug opened completed bug 860878
  • post release tasks completed
  • QA signed off

Build 1 for Android



  • l10n & ship-it submission by lsblakk
  • automation completed without incident
  • published to google play and updated release note URL
  • pushed fennec to mirrors
  • QA signed off