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  • Who: jhopkins
  • Bugs Encountered:
    • bug 842987 - release runner didn't mark 20.0b1 as failed
    • bug 842990 - better documentation around dealing with release runner when it fails
    • bug 842992 - l10n changesets error messages in release sanity suck
    • bug 843040 - xulrunner nsinstall command fails symlink create due to file exists
    • bug 791244 - Undo the pref for the temporary hangserver for beta channels until Socorro is awesome
      • relman missed this change for beta
    • bug 784848 - Do Windows l10n repacks on win64
      • win32 repack failed: configure: error: You are targeting i386 but using the 64-bit compiler.
    • bug 843787 - wget retries don't write to the proper file
  • Tracking: bug 837118

Build 1

Submit to Ship-It

[6:32am EST] ship-it config submitted & review requested from callek. r+'d and kicked off a couple of minutes later.
[6:35am EST] 'Release runner encountered a runtime error'. Investigating.
[6:48am EST] Resubmitted to ship-it. Reconfig problem on bm13 seems to have been transient (ran it by hand successfully).
[7:30am EST] bhearsum pointed me at the real log file: /var/log/supervisor/release-runner.log. ERROR : cannot find l10n locale zh-CN in repo
[7:39am EST] release runner jobs 'stuck' in a grayed out state. No docs on this. bhearsum unstuck the jobs, then unstuck a reconfig.
[7:57am EST] release runner running ok now

Build Results

[09:23am EST] xulrunner mac failed, filed bug 843040. [10:xxam EST] builds failing due to improper partialUpdates setting fed to shipit UI.

Build 2 - Desktop

Submit to Ship-It

[12:06pm EST] Email to r-d: Patches for bug 791244 and bug 843040 are landed on mozilla-beta. Can you please send a go-to-build for Firefox/Fennec 20 beta 1 build #2?
[12:20pm EST] Received go-to-build for 20.0b1 build #2
[01:00pm EST] Shipit desktop release config reviewed and submitted. Holding off on mobile, per lsblakk.
[01:19pm EST] Reconfig unstuck (ec2 build slave), Tagging started.

Build Results

[03:46pm EST] linux/linux64/mac/win32 Firefox desktop builds are all ready.
[06:30pm EST] all desktop repacks on win32 are failing with: "configure: error: You are targeting i386 but using the 64-bit compiler."
[07:35pm EST] aki determines that win32 repack failure are due to bug 784848
[07:42pm EST] aki is backing out the patches in bug 784848 and rolling it out to the buildbot masters.
[08:14pm EST] aki announces reconfigs are done, jhopkins rebuilds failed win32 repacks.
[09:49pm EST] win32 repacks still running. buildapi/running does not show them (need to file a bug, investigate further). Notified lsblakk in #planning that releng will pick up the Fennec build request tomorrow morning, assuming it is ready by then.
[03:05am EST Feb. 21] update_verify_1 failed on MacOS X due to bug 843787.
[09:59am EST] rail informs jhopkins that bm30 has been spamming us with HTTP/400s re: bouncer entries. Investigation reveals that build#1's wrong partialUpdates entries resulted in incorrect bouncer entries being created after tagging.
[10:39am EST] old bouncer entries removed, bouncer_submitter rebuild submitted and completed.
[01:14pm EST Feb. 22] QA signs off Desktop
[01:17pm EST] relman requests push to beta
[01:19pm EST] pushsnip begins
[01:39pm EST] pushsnip completes. Follow-up emailed to release-drivers@.
[04:18pm EST] updated 'latest' bouncer links. Could have been done for any beta when QA signed off.
[04:26pm EST] kicked off mozilla-beta-post-release builder.

Awaiting a new "go to build" for Fennec build 2.
[12:15pm EST Feb. 21] lsblakk does not have an updated ETA for Fennec 20.0b1 build 2. She is waiting for mfinkle and blassey.
[03:58pm EST] mfinkle says we are waiting on bug 843361. landed in beta, waiting for a green cycle.

Build 2 - Fennec

done by hwine as gtb came in after hours for ET

  • got gtb @ 2013-02-21 15:39 PT
  • started without issues via ship-it @ 16:40 PT
  • all builds avail email at 18:51 PT

Build 3 - Fennec

[11:57am EST Feb. 22] Backout of has occurred so once those builds are clear on TBPL there will be a go for a mobile-only FF 20 beta 1 (build #3), likely in the next 3-4 hours. QA has already confirmed that we will still be able to meet a Monday ship for this beta, assuming there are no further delays.
[02:38pm EST] Received go-to-build for Fennec 20.0b1 build 3.
[02:45pm EST] hwine catches l10n changesets issue (no android-multilocale) while looking at unsubmitted ship-it request. Fixed, updated documentation.
[03:05pm EST] ship-it is reconfiguring masters. bhearsum unstuck bm35 and did a graceful shutdown of it.
[05:38pm EST] all android builds now available