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  • Who: armenzg
  • Tracking bug: bug 868979
  • bugs encountered
    • bug 872316 - release runner email loses errors
    • bug 872319 - post-merge-day unittests
    • I updated bouncer but I missed the filename


Build 1

  • l10n & ship-it handled by :akeybl
  • release approved by aki
  • died on release sanity
    • aki re-ran release sanity manually to get the errors
    • tracked down to needing
    • akeybl found comment requesting these two lines be removed on aurora merge day
    • lsblakk landed fix
      • lsblakk to add docs/script for this bug, but wants a better long term fix
    • aki filed bugs around missing errors in email, post-merge-day unittests
    • akeybl re-submitted releases to ship-it
      • had to delete the previous build1's before being able to submit new build1's
      • unsure if build2 would do the proper thing
    • aki approved release
  • update verification failed on retrieving
    • re-triggered & all good