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Fennec Build 1

Firefox Build 1

  • Ship the l10n milestone
    • not applicable, same as 25.0
  • Submit to Ship It
    • done by relman
    • several repacks failed, rebuilt with standalone repacker
    • bug 938075 report of 3 win32 installers being excessively large (75M vs 22M). Those locales rebuilt with standalone repacker
    • These needed the 25.0 pl what's new page manually applied (bug 892972):
   # ffxbld@aus3-staging
   cd /opt/aus2/snippets/staging/
   rsync -a ../pushed/Firefox-25.0.1-build1-test/ ./Firefox-25.0.1-build1-pl-bug892972-test/
   for snippet in `find Firefox-25.0.1-build1-pl-bug892972-test -type f -path '*/pl/*'`; do
       sed -i -e 's/actions=silent/actions=showURL/' $snippet
       echo "openURL=" >> $snippet
   diff -Naur ../pushed/Firefox-25.0.1-build1-test/ ./Firefox-25.0.1-build1-pl-bug892972-test/ | less
   ~/bin/pushsnip Firefox-25.0.1-build1-pl-bug892972-test
   rsync -a Firefox-25.0.1-build1/ ./Firefox-25.0.1-build1-pl-bug892972/
   for snippet in `find Firefox-25.0.1-build1-pl-bug892972 -type f -path '*/pl/*'`; do
       sed -i -e 's/actions=silent/actions=showURL/' $snippet
       echo "openURL=" >> $snippet