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bug 1085526

Build 1


Abandoned before we went any further.


  • mac en-US build hit an intermittent segmentation fault, bug 1087002. Fine when rebuilt.
  • linux64 repack 3/10, AWS slave couldn't reach any of the signing servers in scl3. Couldn't reproduce manually, fine when rebuilt.
  • mac partner repacks aren't being signed, added patch to bug 1085273. Will need to fix, run and upload to apple

Modify whatsnew pages for 29.0 and later

# ffxbld@aus3-staging
cd /opt/aus2/snippets

# fix up the test snippets
mkdir -p staging/Firefox-33.0.1-build1-test-fixed-whatsnew/Firefox
rsync -a pushed/Firefox-33.0.1-build1-test/Firefox/{29.0*,3*} staging/Firefox-33.0.1-build1-test-fixed-whatsnew/Firefox/
find staging/Firefox-33.0.1-build1-test-fixed-whatsnew -type f -exec sed -i -e '/^openURL/d' -e 's,^actions=showURL,actions=silent,' {} \;
diff -ru pushed/Firefox-33.0.1-build1-test/ staging/Firefox-33.0.1-build1-test-fixed-whatsnew | less

~/bin/pushsnip Firefox-33.0.1-build1-test-fixed-whatsnew

# fix up the release snippets
mkdir -p staging/Firefox-33.0.1-build1.bak/Firefox
rsync -a staging/Firefox-33.0.1-build1/Firefox/{29.0*,3*} staging/Firefox-33.0.1-build1.bak/Firefox/
find staging/Firefox-33.0.1-build1/Firefox/{29.0*,3*} -type f -exec sed -i -e '/^openURL/d' -e 's,^actions=showURL,actions=silent,' {} \;
diff -ru staging/Firefox-33.0.1-build1.bak staging/Firefox-33.0.1-build1 | less
rm -rf staging/Firefox-33.0.1-build1.bak

upload to apple (partner repacks)

recreated the batch file, then:

cat ~/$product-$version-build$build.batch | grep partner > ~/$product-$version-build$build.batch-repacks-only 

and then used ~/$product-$version-build$build.batch-repacks-only as source for upload

Build 2


  • Upload to Apple
    • screen on ffxbld@stage, parallel uploads for vanilla and partner builds

# ffxbld@stage
find /pub/ -name index.html -exec rm -v {} \;
# leave out the latest symlink, and partner build copies, and bouncer changes, as that would overwrite 33.0.2 content

Remove whatsnew pages for 29.0 and later

# ffxbld@aus3-staging
cd /opt/aus2/snippets

# fix up the test snippets
mkdir -p staging/Firefox-33.0.1-build2-test-fixed-whatsnew/Firefox
rsync -a pushed/Firefox-33.0.1-build2-test/Firefox/{29.0*,3*} staging/Firefox-33.0.1-build2-test-fixed-whatsnew/Firefox/
find staging/Firefox-33.0.1-build2-test-fixed-whatsnew -type f -exec sed -i -e '/^openURL/d' -e 's,^actions=showURL,actions=silent,' {} \;
diff -ru pushed/Firefox-33.0.1-build2-test/ staging/Firefox-33.0.1-build2-test-fixed-whatsnew | less

~/bin/pushsnip Firefox-33.0.1-build2-test-fixed-whatsnew

# fix up the release snippets
mkdir -p staging/Firefox-33.0.1-build2.bak/Firefox
rsync -a staging/Firefox-33.0.1-build2/Firefox/{29.0*,3*} staging/Firefox-33.0.1-build2.bak/Firefox/
find staging/Firefox-33.0.1-build2/Firefox/{29.0*,3*} -type f -exec sed -i -e '/^openURL/d' -e 's,^actions=showURL,actions=silent,' {} \;
diff -ru staging/Firefox-33.0.1-build2.bak staging/Firefox-33.0.1-build2 | less
rm -rf staging/Firefox-33.0.1-build2.bak