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Build 1

tagging has failed because of a timeout:

   command: START
   command: hg push -e "ssh -l ffxbld -i /home/mock_mozilla/.ssh/ffxbld_rsa" --new-branch ssh://
   command: cwd: ach
   command: output:
   command timed out: 1200 seconds without output running ...
   attempting to kill
   program finished with exit code 247

Full log here

Add a retry ?

Build 2

To resolve the tagging problem, no code changes.



  • ran bouncer submitter builder by hand, only runs on build1 after tagging is done
  • hg issues: macosx repack 7/10 has failed to checkout locale mai;

retry did not work code here got killed by buildbot; add a timeout for retry? filed bug 1088590