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Build 1



Mac partner repacks failed

Mac partner repacks failed multiple times due to bug 1008052. Worked on the third attempt. (We should really do something about this bug, or at least be able to retry on a different signing server.)

Update verify / QE update test failures

Some of our update verify tests as well as QE ones failed because the release-localtest channel was pointing at the Firefox-35.0-build3-whatsnew blob. To fix, bhearsum created a Firefox-35.0.1-build1-whatsnew blob and pointed the test channels at it. We may want to consider not enabling the whatsnew page for the localtest channels from now on, otherwise update verify will fail whenever we need a whatsnew page (because it triggers automatically after updates are published, leaving us precious little time to create the whatsnew blob before they run).


  • In addition to the normal "Publish in Balrog" step, updated the <34.0 rule to point at Firefox-35.0.1-build1-whatsnew.