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Firefox & Fennec 37.0.1

Firefox Build 1

What's new Page

  • found Firefox-37.0.1-build1 blob, and copy/pasted it to local file
  • removed "openURL" and "actions" attributes
  • Created new Firefox-37.0.1-build1-no-whatsnew release blob locally and uploaded
  • changed the mapping for both release-localtest & release-cdntest channels to use Firefox-37.0.1.build1-no-whatsnew for all locales

Throttle verification

Turns out this is hard to do, as zlb caches repsonses for 60s. So you'll see same response for 60s, then a XX% chance it will change for the next minute. Considered a pass when saw both outcomes.

Publish in Balrog

Due to What's New page handling, this was done manually, as noted in FF 37 build notes. In addition to normal rules for 37, a version constraint of '<37.0' was added so folks on 37 don't get What's New displayed again.

Ran into bug 1127591 - workaround taken given there.

Fennec build 1